29 Facts About Crime That Probably Won't Pay

29 Facts About Crime That Probably Won't Pay

Crime is a pretty broad word. It can range from shoplifting, to organized violence with deep family roots, to terrible murders… But across the board, it's probably not something you should get caught up in if you enjoy NOT living in a prison cell for an extended period of time or worse. Below are a bunch of facts about some of the most famous figures in organized crime, and the surprising ways they've gotten away with things (or not.) 

Also included are a bunch of famous myths about crime and murder that you've maybe spent your entire life believing, but have been wrong about the whole time. It's not your fault! Mystery movies and cop shows have basically pummeled our brains into thinking we have an idea about how the legal system works, when in reality cops on TV are basically as accurately portrayed as a super hero in a Marvel movie. 

Anyway, don't do crime? Is that the lesson here? 

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