15 Big Swings From The Titans Of The Fast Food Industry

Fast food joints like to take big swings, and they're not all gonna be home runs. The path to the Quesalupa is littered with Waffle Tacos and Kit Kat Chocodillas.


Edible nail polish KFC PNGE T ICKIN 00 BPO 6001 IKIN In 2016, KFC dropped two flavors of edible Nail polish in Hong Kong. The BBC did a taste test, and found Hot & Spicy to be more translucent than advertised, and Original Recipe to be straight-up green. Both

Source: 19 Bizarre Products Big Companies Trotted Out


Doritos Pizza PIZZA HUT They nearly out-pizza'd their own hut by placing Dorito shards around the perimeter of their 'za, like a crown of thorns. Lest you think they didn't go big enough, they also stuffed the crust with that boldest of cheeses: mozzarella.

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Waffle Taco TACO BELL In 2014, Taco Bell disrupted the wet hot American breakfast scene with a waffle, your choice of sausage or bacon, and a haphazard ice cream scoop of egg.

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The McAfrika MCDONALD'S mcAfrika CRACKEDcO In 2002, McDonald's Norway took some heat for dropping their unfortunately named, pita-based BLT right smack dab in the middle of a massive famine in Africa.

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Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt FRIENDLY'S CRACKED.COM Friendly's rested on their laurels after inventing the lown-shaped ice cream sundae - until 2010, when they decided to bookend their, frankly, already generous hamburgers with two grilled cheese sandwiches.

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Cheeseburger- Stuffed crust PIZZA HUT CRACKEDCO This was simply a pizza surrounded by sliders. It's the most American food innovation since American cheese, and yet it's only ever been available in the Middle East and the UK.

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Mac 'n' Cheetos BURGER KING leer eetos CRACKED COM These were cheese puff-shaped tubules of 'macaroni and cheese, coated in a skin of Cheetos crumbs regular, or Flamin' -- Hot, for the Cheetoisseur.

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Gracoro Burger MCDONALD'S CRACKED.cO McDonald's Japan once offered this deep-fried dollop of macaroni, shrimp, and white sauce.

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Double DOwn Dog KFC KFC DOUBLE DOWN DOG WARTONO CRACKED cO KFC shook us to our very core in 2010 when they first announced the Double Down as an April Fools joke, then sold it for real leSS than two weeks later. Then, in 2015, while the eat-eating public was still

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Ninja Burger BURGER KING WINO BURGE BK has tried several different black burgs in different parts of the world, with various ingredients dyed black with bamboo charcoal and SquID ink. One version includes an oversized, floppy strip of meat to simulate the tongue of a popular anime ninja.

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Mashed Potato Beef Burger MCDONALD'S 100% Manly Man CRACKED.COM For a while, McDonald's China was on a big masculinity kick. Lots of their commercials highlighted the manliness of meat eaters - none moreso than this burger that dared to include a layer of potato salad.

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Dry Pork and Seaweed Donut DUNKIN' DONUTS Dry Pork and Donut Seaweed CRACKEDc On paper, this looks like a lazy corporate April Fools Day joke. But in practice, it's actually a pretty daring savory experience from a company that specializes in sugar water. It's made with a special yeast dough,

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Angriest Whopper BURGER KING CRACKED CO This burger was supposed to be super spicy -- to the extent that it warned off predators with its vibrant colors, like a poisonous frog. They even made a big deal about cooking the first batch with fire from a volcano, which is... honestly pretty rad.

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Kit Kat Chocodilla TACO BELL CRACKED COM This dessert item is just... Kit Kats melted in a tortilla. It seems entirely possible that Taco Bell's r&d team is just two roommates who haven't been grocery shopping in a while and are too high to go now.

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Red Ramen Burger RED ROBIN CRACKEDC The ramen burger became a big deal around 2013. And not a lot of people know this, but -- ramen' sounds a lot like robin. Red Robin swiftly capitalized on this synchronicity by releasing their Red Ramen Burger a full 3 years later.

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