15 Feuds Between Famous People (That You Probably Didn’t Know About)

Apparently, Groundhog Day drove a deep wedge between Harold Ramis and Bill Murray -- it didn’t even matter that they’d been working together for years. And the only reason that kind-of healed is because Ramis was about to die. Here’s all the details, plus 14 other stories:


Nirvana had a long-running feud with Guns N' Roses. FORPORA HAGAZINE STILL It started when Kurt Cobain trash-talked Guns N' Roses while promoting Nevermind (Rebellion is standing up to people like Guns N' Roses, and went on for three years, with Ax Rose calling Kurt and his wife F in'

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Norman Mailer once headbutted Gore Vidal. Vidal heavily criticized Mailer for misogyny and even lumped him in with Charles Manson, which totally infuriated Mailer. So when they met backstage at a TV show five months later, Mailer headbutted Vidalc- and then, they started trading insults.

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LeAnn Rimes and Trisha Yearwood had beef over a SOng in Con Air. Due to a weird set of circumstances, they both recorded a song with the same name for the movie, How DO I Live, and released them at the same time. The Nashville rule is, if somebody has

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Jon Lovitz almost beat Andy Dick to a pulp. Lovitz partly blamed Andy Dick for the death of his friend Phil Hartman, but eventually apologized, and everything was fine for yearsc. until he ran into Dick one day, and Dick told him I put the Phil Hartman hex on you,

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Metal bands Manowar and Twisted Sister almost brawled. After Manowar insulted Twisted Sister in a magazine interview, Twisted Sister asked them to come and fight them in Covent Garden. Manowar didn't show up, and released a statement saying they apologize. CRACKED COM

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Winnie the Pooh creator A.A. Milne fought with P.G. Wodehouse. Wodehouse was captured by the Nazis in France, and they let him go only if he agreed to make (apolitical) comedy broadcasts on German radio. Milne heavily bashed him for it, and Wodehouse later said Nobody could be more anxious

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Banksy feuded with London graffiti artist Robbo for years. ING Robbo was introduced to Banksy at a party in the late 9Os but said he'd never got heard of him, and when Banksy said that sounded unlikely, Robbo slapped him. Not long after, Banksy painted over one of Robbo's last

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Michael Jackson and Prince had a beef that started in the '80s. It all kicked off when they went to a James Brown concert in 1983- he was both MJ's and Prince's idol. He called MJ on stage, and Prince jumped on stage after he left... and he leaned on

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Billy Corgan hated Anderson Cooper SO much, he had F**k You Anderson Cooper T-shirts printed. euksfr foteir Cooper made fun of Corgan for posing his cats for a magazine cover and for liking wrestling, so Corgan shot back and called Cooper a globalist shill. And Corgan's band, The Smashing Pumpkins,

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Ewan McGregor and Sean Connery had a fight over Scottish politics. In 1998, McGregor said Connery shouldn't be outspoken about Scottish independence since he didn't live in Scotland. He later apologized to Connery (the whole thing only happened because he was drunk at a press conference), but he still has

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Edgar Allan Poe's The Cask of Amontillado was one blow in an ongoing beef. The beef was with author Thomas DuNN English, who'd written a novel that made of Poe that year. So Poe based a character on Englisho -Fortunatoo and had him trapped inside a wall. CRACKED COM

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Groundhog Day led to a feud between Bill Murray and Harold Ramis. Murray was totally impossible to deal with cohis marriage was falling apart, and he'd throw tantrums on set, be chronically late, and ignore phone calls. After shooting, Ramis didn't want to hear from him for 21 years, and

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Ben Franklin feuded with one Titan Leeds, then trolled him. Titan Leeds was an astrologer who also published an almanac, and Franklin predicted the date of his deathe- which led to them bickering with each other in print. On the predicted date, Franklin printed an obituary and began calling Leeds

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Roger Ebert traded insults with director Vincent Gallo. Ebert walked out of a showing of Gallo's movie The Brown Bunny and called it the worst movie ever shown at Cannes, to which Gallo responded by saying Ebert was a fat pig with the physique of a slave trader and wishing

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Harry Houdini had major beef with Arthur Conan Doyle. Conan Doyle's wife was a medium, and Houdini tried to contact his mother through her. But she produced 15 pages of spiritually guided writing, and Houdini said his mother's English was terrible, so he didn't think that was genuine. After that,

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