15 Easter Eggs And Hidden Meanings In Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’

Some directors don’t care about dusting their films with homages and easter eggs and references to things that fans like to see. Other directors love it more than their fans do. Jordan Peele is one such director. Here are some cool references, easter eggs, and hidden meanings you can look out for in his movie, Get Out.


Get Out The color reD was used during the day party scene to symbolize secret societies. Look closely and you'll see every character sporting a dash of red somewhere in their wardrobe. CRACKED.COM



The opening Get Out scene gives a shout out to Halloween. Peele says that he wanted the neighborhood we see in the opening scene where Andre gets kidnapped to resemble the perfect white neighborhood we see in Halloween. CRACKED.COM

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Walter's running Get Out shoes are from the same year Jesse Owens ran in the Olympics. Dean tells Chris that his father competed and lost against Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics. The costume designer managed to find shoes from that same year for Walter to wear. CRACKED.COM



Get Out The scene where Georgina is introduced in the kitchen is based on both The Shining twins and the meeting of Hannibal and Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs. Peele said on the commentary track:Just the whole vibe of coming up on somebody waiting for you patiently is



Get Out The Sunken Place, according to Peele, represents the suspended animation of how we look at race in America. He also says that it's symbolic of the lack of frepresentation in the horror genre.

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Get Out There's a reference to The Shining's infamous room 237. D T A When Rod is at the airport trying to phone Chris, there's an announcement for Flight 237 in the background.



Get Out The famous scene where Walter is running toward Chris (and the camera) is a homage to Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest. This also means that a 1959 film inspired a meme in 2017.



Get Out There are Omega signs outside the Armitage home. When Chris arrives at the family house, the signs can be seen out in front. They're meant to signal Chris' end.



Get Out The white Porsche stalking Andre in the opening scene is a reference to three films. Peele says it's a nod to Jaws, Christine, and Duel.

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Get Out All the characters who've taken over the bodies of Black people are deliberately trying to hide their surgery scars. That is why Walter and Andre both wear hats, and why Georgina is seen fussing over her wig.

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Get Out The helmet Jeremy wears when he kidnaps Andre is a Templar helmet. Said Peele: I've got a whole mythology and lore about how they (the Armitage family) are descended from the original Knights Templar.

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Get Out Chris and Rose's wardrobe was deliberately picked to make them look like an All-American couple. The white, red, and blue color scheme can be seen in a few scenes with them, and the clothes were all made in the U.S,. with Chris dressed in Levi's and Red Wing



Get Out There's a reference to The Shining in the opening scene. When Andre gets lost in the opening scene, he says It's like a fucking hedge maze out here.

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Get Out The opening song of the movie has a message hidden in its translation. G E T O U T The song Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga is in Swahili. The title translates to listen to the ancestors and the lyrics warn to run far away and save yourself. CRACKED.COM

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Get Out Chris scratching the couch and removing the cotton inside is a historical reference. Peele deliberately made Chris pull the cotton from the chair and use it to plug his ears to add the cultural reference of Black American slaves and the cotton fields. CRACKED.COM