14 Easter Eggs And Hidden Meanings In Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’

Some directors don’t care about dusting their films with homages and easter eggs and references to things that fans like to see. Other directors love it more than fans do. Jordan Peele is one such director. Here are some cool references, easter eggs, and hidden meanings you can look out for in his movie, Us.


A throwaway line during Us the boardwalk scene reveals that the scene takes place at the same time and location as the filming of The Lost Boys. The movie starts at the Santa Cruz boardwalk in 1986, and at one point the mother says there's a movie being filmed OVER



Us There are loads of A Nightmare On Elm Street easter eggs in the movie. Its tape is seen during the opening scene, the underground world features a boiler room much like the one in which Freddy Krueger was killed, Pluto's face covered in burn scars, and the Krueger gloves.

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Us A line from Red is a reference to The Goonies. At one point, Red says It's our time up here. It's a throwback to a speech in The Goonies where Sean Astin's character Mikey says, It's our time down here. CRACKED.COM

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The brown leather Us glove in the movie is actually a reference to three famous characters. Peele said it references Freddy Krueger, Michael Jackson, and 0.J. Simpson. CRACKED.COM

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Jason's s doppelganger Us perishing in the fire is reminiscent of the burning monk. The red jumpsuits also reflect the color often worn by monks. CRACKED.COM



Us There are a couple of references to The Shining. The shot of the Wilson family driving to their holiday destination is the same as the overhead shot of the Torrence family driving to the Overlook Hotel. The twins also serve as a callback to Kubrick's film. CRACKED.COM



The nod to Michael Us Jackson, especially with the reD Thriller jumpsuits, also reflects the theme of duality in the film. Peele said: Michael Jackson is probably the patron saint of duality. The movie starts in the '80s - the duality with which I experienced him [Jackson] in that time was



There's a Guess Us Who? board game in the closet at the holiday house. 0901 The board game, in which players match up faces, can be seen when Jason and Pluto are sitting in the closet.



Us There's an easter egg of The Shining hidden in the credits. Jack Nicholson's grandson, Duke Nicholson, has a role in the film as Danny. In the credits, where a lot of actors have dual character names attached to them, Nicholson's character reads Danny/ Tony.

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Us Jordan Peele has a cameo in both Get Out and Us. In Get Out, he voices the sound of the dying deer, and in Us he voices a dying rabbit. CRACKED.COM



Us There are three Corey Feldman references in the film. There's a tape of The Goonies in the opening scene, a reference to The Lost Boys in the boardwalk scene, and the Thriller t-shirt.



Us In the opening scene, there are a bunch of old tapES with themes pertaining to the movie. CAL NEUUS TONIGHT CH.UD STORM DIVENPORT WARNING SANTACUR O DELMAR 110S 1004 AT 11 The C.H.U.D. video is extra significant, because Jordan Peele's first girlfriend's dad, Douglas Cheek, directed it. He said



Us The appearance of 11:11 everywhere signals that someone's doppelganger is near. TEREMiH :1/ Not only those numbers, but all the little coincidences in the film. Coincidence marks a certain proximity to your other in this movie.

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Us There is an easter egg of Easter in the film. Peele has said that Us is an Easter horror movie. The animals in my stories represent this battle between science and religion for me.... One of the motifs of this movie is the rabbits. They symbolize a lot of

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