14 'Freaks And Geeks' Facts Worthy Of Mr. Rosso

Few high school shows capture teen years as accurately and cringe-worthily as Freaks and Geeks. Despite it being canceled after 12 episodes, the cult classic launched the careers of James Franco, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini, Busy Philipps, and Jason Segel … to name a few. The now-all-star cast and honest portrayal of adolescence make the show as relevant as ever. (And hey, it's now streaming on Hulu in case you haven't seen it or want to watch it for the 40th time.) Read on for some behind-the-scenes facts…


WHENEVER POSSIBLE, JUDD APATOW TRIES TO CAST PEOPLE FROM FREAKS AND GEEKS CRACKED.CO Apatow says, It's a way of refusing to accept that the show was canceled.

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JOHN FRANCIS DALEY HAD A CRUSH ON LINDA CARDELLINI CRACKED.COM He said it was awkward considering they were on-screen brother and sister, but who can blame him?

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SHIA LABEOUF AUDITIONED FOR NEIL SCHWEIBER Before he was on Even Stevens, LaBeouf auditioned for Freaks and Geeks.

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MOST OF THE STORYLINES ARE BASED ON THE WRITERS' HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCES CRACKED COM They took two weeks sharing personal stories and answering questions like, What was your worst drug experience? and Who was your first girlfriend?

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JUDD APATOW WAS SURPRISED PEOPLE THOUGHT JAMES FRANCO WAS HANDSOME 186680 Apatow described, We thought his mouth was too big for his face and he seemed perfect to be a small-town cool guy who wasn't as cool as he thought he was.

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FREAKS AND GEEKS WAS PASSED ON BY FOX, CBS, AND ABC CRACKED.COM A development exec at NBC said, If we don't make this show, I'm quitting the television business.

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LINDA CARDENELLI WAS 24 WHEN SHE PLAYED 16-YEAR-OLD LINDSAY CRACKED.COM She was the oldest teen actor in the show. John Francis Daley was the youngest, at 14.

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CREATOR PAUL FEIG WANTED THE SHOW TO FEATURE THE FEAR OF SEX CRACKED COM Feig said, I got tired of every teenager being portrayed as horny and completely cool with sex, because that was not my experience.

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LIZZY CAPLAN AUDITIONED FOR LINDSAY WEIR AND KIM KELLY Before she was cast as Sara, she auditioned for the two main female leads.

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LINDSAY WOULD HAVE ENDED UP AS A HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER But not before she was a performance artist in the Village, says show creator Paul Feig.

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LINDA CARDELLINI AND JASON SEGEL DATED IN REAL-LIFE They dated for a few years after the show ended.

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JESSE EISENBERG AUDITIONED FOR SAM WEIR CRACKED.COM He read for the role four times before he was passed over for John Francis Daley.

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LINDA CARDELLINI KEPT HER CHARACTER'S ICONIC ARMY JACKET CRACKED It's signed by the cast on the inside. It even survived a fire.

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BUSY PHILIPPS AND JAMES FRANCO DIDN'T GET ALONG CRACKED COM Philipps says that Franco was a bully and physically assaulted her on-set.

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