20 Behind-The-Scenes Trivia About 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind'

Continuing with our behind-the-scenes look at some popular romantic films, here’s a classic take on what would happen if we could erase each other from our memories. It evidently involves giant bathtubs and actors like Mark Ruffalo and Kirsten Dunst jumping half naked on a bed. We’d say that checks out.


Mind Spotless the O The film originally had a darker ending. SUNS Charlie Kaufman initially wrote an Eternal ending that saw Joel walk away from the relationship. SCENES Another idea was floated to have the u ending reveal that everything was happening in Clementine's head. BEH CRACKED COM

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Mind Spotless the O Kanye West was SO impressed with the film's music score that he contacted the composer, Jon Brion, SUNS and that's how we got Gold Digger. Etey - Brion, who had never done any rap work before, met up with WEST, KANYE SCE West and in a



Mind Spotless ofthe Director Michel Gondry knew he had to cast Jim Carrey as Sunshine Joel when he sAW him on set filming Bruce Aimighty. Eternal I It was seeing Carrey in between takes that did it for Gondry. It's the exact feeling when you walk SCEI into a party

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The Italian title for the film is hilarious. Mind Spotless of the Sunshine Eternal I Jim CARREY Kate WINSLET SE MI LASCI TI CANCELLO SCENES Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind D It translates to If You Leave Me, Delete You. BEH CRACKED COM

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Mind Spotless of the Tracy Morgan featured in the movie, but his character got cut. EternalSunshine I The comedian originally played Joel's neighbor, but the director SCENES said he had to drop the character e because Morgan's presence was too distracting in the film. BEH CRACKED COM

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Mind Spotless of the Gondry knew Kate Winslet SUNS was right for the part of Clementine when she was Ete the only person who gave notes on the script. I SCENES was really surprised by her honesty. Then I believed her when she said it was a great project.

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Mind Spotless of the Director Michel Gondry wanted to use as much available and natural SUNS light as possible, which proved Eter challenging. Cinematographer Ellen Kuras said that, during on set flming, they had SCEI to hide different types of lightbulbs in furniture to add enough light to S the

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Mind Spotless of the Sunshine The director chose practical effects over CGI. Eter There were trick doors on set for Clementine to magically pop out SCENES from, and scaled set pieces to incorporate forced perspective. BEH CRACKED COM

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Mind Spotless of the Mark Ruffalo got his part thanks Sunshine to his fresh take on the character. Eter - Gondry says that when he met up with the actor, Ruffalo told him that the character should be a SCEI big fan of The Clash and even u look a bit

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Mind Spotless of the The actors had to get used to Gondry not using commands like SUNS action or cut. Eten Instead, he would just start filming without warning. You say 'action,' and everybody SCE becomes a piece of wood. And when you saY 'cut,' everything becomes fluid and

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Mind Spotless of the Everyone was given room to Sunshine improvise, except for Jim Carrey. Etery - This became very frustrating for Carrey, naturally, but Gondry explained that he needed all the SCE other actors to go wild and play it THE up as comedy, whereas Carrey's character had to bring

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Mind Spotless of the Ellen Pompeo originally featured SUID in the movie before Eternal her D part was cut. SCENES She played Joel's THE ex-girlfriend, Naomi. BEHIND CRACKED COM

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Mind Spotless of the The entire film was shot SUNS with handheld cameras. Eter The camera movement in the film - was inspired by the French New Wave. SCEI Instead of using traditional dollies, e the camera crew used wheelchairs, sled dollies, and chariot dollies to get their shots. BEH CRACKED COM

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Mind Spotless of the Jim Carrey had words with the SUNS director after Kate Winslet nearly fainted while filming. Eter - After sitting in a giant bath tub for hours on end, Winslet started feeling sick, but Gondry just kept telling the SCE crew to film it. Carrey got really mad

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& Mrs. Eakin lementine Tw Kruczyski sed from her has on their memory. had Mind relationship Joel Please Barish to never her Thank again. You. Spotless the LACUNA O E Grand The idea for the story came from conceptual artist Pierre Bismuth. SUNS In 1998, Bismuth came up with the

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Mind Spotless the of The director couldn't watch the film after his SUNS own girlfriend dumped him. Ete The breakup happened during the editing phase, and Michel Gondry SCE said he just couldn't get himself to watch the movie after that because it made him too sad. BEH

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I Mind Spotless of the Kaufman originally added to SUNS the script that Lacuna Inc. was in the same building featured Eter in Being John Malkovich. They didn't end up using the SCENES same building, but Kaufman said u he did it for himself, for fun. BEH CRACKED COM

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Mind Spotless of the Before Jim Carrey, SUNS Nicolas Cage was approached to play the lead. Ete Cage was a hot commodity at the time and only did one out of SCENES 10 projects he was offered, SO S he turned them down. BEH CRACKED COM

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Mind Spotless the of Tom Wilkinson didn't know what was going on during SUNS filming. Eten Ruffalo said the actor became frustrated during flming, and once - turned to him and said, I don't know what the hell we're doing! SCENES Gondry said he was afraid of Wilkinson, and that

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Mind Spotless loe is of the The director said that, re-watching Sunshine upon the movie, he didn't Eternal understand much of it. I We mess around with the time. SCENES Yes, honestly, it's complicated. I'm surprised that people like it SO much-because I think they do. BEH CRACKED COM

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