13 Nuggets Of Now-You-Know General (And Movie) Trivia

George Lucas wasn’t into Harrison Ford in either Star Wars or Indiana Jones at first, so, uh … maybe some of the most important things about those franchises turned out right by sheer luck? Here’s the full story for you to ponder (plus 12 others):


Coolio was supposed to play the Scarecrow in a Batman movie. He did his minor cameo in Batman & Robin (at a street race) only because he was supposed to be the villain in Joel Schumacher's next Batman movie -. which, of course, didn't happen. NOW YOU KNOW

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Daniel Radcliffe was allergic to the first glasses they gave him for the Harry Potter movies. The skin around his eyes broke out in whiteheads and spots, and it took everyone a week to figure out the nickel silver in the rims was causing that. They quickly made him new

Source: Digital Spy, Glasses On Spec


They didn't use any special effects in the Wizard of Oz color transition scene. When the movie turns from sepia to color, they shot Judy Garland's stunt double in a sepia dress, with sepia makeup on, on a sepia set. When she steps out of the shot, she's replaced by

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George Lucas really, really didn't want Harrison Ford to play Indiana Jones. Ford was already in two of Lucas' movies, and Lucas said I don't want him to be my Bobby De Niro, (De Niro was considered Scorsese's actor). Years later, Lucas said, He was perfect for the part. I

Source: Business Insider


Female trout fake orgasms. During trout sex, the male and female both quiver, and release the egg and sperm at the same time. But sometimes, the female doesn't release her eggs, So she can keep them for another mate (plus, having more fake orgasms apparently attracts more male trout). NOW

Source: ABC


When he was 15, The Rock saved his mom from committing suicide. She left her car on Interstate 65 and just started walking into traffic. The Rock followed her and pulled her back - and today, he says, she doesn't remember any of that (Probably best she doesn't, he says). NOW

Source: Men's Health


Thousands of people of Jewish descent served in the Wehrmacht during WWIl. That includes 2 field marshals and 10 generals. Hitler personally signed declarations stating that 77 high-ranking officers of mixed Jewish race or married to a Jew, according to German military documents, were actually of German blood. NOW YOU

Source: LA Times


In Japan, a smorgasbord is called a Viking. A Japanese hotel manager introduced the smorgasbord to an elite Tokyo hotel in the late '50s, but the name was a tongue-twister, SO he wanted to call it something else -he picked Viking after the 1958 Kirk Douglas movie The Vikings, a

Source: Japan Daily


U.S. government advice for running from bears says you shouldn't sacrifice your friends. A set of recommendationsf from the National Park Service cautions against pushing down a friend who's slower than you (even if you think the friendship has run its course). NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: The Guardian


There's a white shark cafe in the Pacific where all the sharks go. It's a Colorado-sized patch of ocean about 200 nautical miles east of Hawaii, and great white sharks from the west coasts of Mexico and the U.S. swim there en masse every year. Once there, they dive deep

Source: Quartz


Fuel tanks from U.S. Air Force jets are being used as rice canoes in Vietnam today. The locals just take a fuel tank and cut out a section of the top, which leaves them with an aluminum canoe. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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In 1994, one woman got the IRS to agree that her massive breast implants are tax-exempt. She was an exotic dancer, SO they were considered a business expense. The legal opinion said: Because petitioner's implants were SO extraordinarily large, we find that they were useful only in her business. NOW

Source: Wood LLP


The 7-minute shot in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's episode 'Charlie Work' was done by a guy walking and holding a camera. They didn't put the camera on a dolly or a pre-programmed rig -- it was just camera operator Adam Sklena walking backwards, and he did it in on the

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