15 Beloved TV Shows That Almost Had Some Unlovable Names

We get it, coming up with a good title ain’t easy (it took us years to come up with the title for this article alone) but some of the original title ideas creators had for their TV shows are so lame, that they just can’t get a pass. Like: 


TRUEDETECTIVE was almost The Murder Ballads. Producer Cary Fukunaga thought True Detective was too pulpy and wanted to call the show The Murder Ballads. He dropped the idea after recognizing that a more all-inclusive title was needed for an anthology series.

Vanity Fair


IT'S ALWA SUNNY FIPHIA IN was almost It's Always Sunny on TV. The show was originally supposed to be about struggling actors in LOS Angeles. This eventually evolved into a show about friends running a bar in Philadelphia and the TV' was replaced with Philadelphia.

Cheat Sheet


30 ROCK was originally Peacock. NBC executives rejected Tina Fey's first idea for the title because they didn't think it would ever pass the censors. They would go on to use the terrible name for their own streaming service 15 years later. CRACKED.COM

The New York Times


LAW & ORDER: SVU MAN TTAN SPEC TIMS UNIT was almost Law & Order: Sex Crimes. Executives at NBC didn't want the word sex in the title, so it was changed to Special Victims Unit. CRACKED.COM

TV Guide


GREY'S ANATOMY was almost Complications. ABC hated the show's title so much that they tried changing it several times. At first they wanted to either call it Doctors or Surgeons. Just two weeks before its premiere, they tried to rename it Complications.

BuzzFeed & Variety


EMPIRE was almost The Lyon's Roar. That was creator Danny Strong's original idea for the title, however, Fox quickly stepped in and decided to change it. Strong says he appreciated their interference because he's terible at coming up with titles. CRACKED.COM

Entertainment Weekly


UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT was originally Tooken. Tina Fey got the idea for Tooken from her kid, who said the word after something was taken from her. NBC, the network where the show was originally going to air on, wholeheartedly refused to use a made-up baby word as a title.

BuzzFeed News


THEL WORD was almost Earthlings. llene Chaiken originally wanted to call her show Earthlings- which is a slang term lesbians use when asking if another girl is gay. The title proved to be too confusing, as most people aren't familiar with lesbian slang, so they decided to go with The

OutSmart & Entertainment Weekly


THAT '70S SHOW was originally Teenage Wasteland. However, Fox was unable to secure the iconic lyric from the Who's Baba O'Riley and the creators had to come up with a new title. CRACKED.COM

The Hollywood Reporter


RUGRATS was almost Onesomething. Before coming up with Rugrats, creator Arlene Klasky wanted to call the show Onesomething- a reference to the late '80s show Thirtysomething.

The Guardian


STRANGER THINGS was almost Montauk. The show was originally supposed to be set in Montauk, New York, and the title was a reflection of that. The now-iconic title only came to be after the Duffer brothers decided to change the setting to the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. CRACKED.COM

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HANNAH MONTANA -HAMAM DisnEY ANNAH MONTANA ONTANA was almost Alexis Texas. Miley Cyrus's breakout character and the show itself were initially going to be called Alexis Texas. This quickly changed after the creators discovered that Alexis Texas was the name of a popular porn actress.

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HAPPY DAYS was almost COOL. That's what the show's creator, Garry Marshall, wanted to call it. However, the name made test audiences think it was a brand of cigarettes, SO it got changed to Happy Days at the suggestion of one of the producers.

The Guardian 


BIG MOUTH was originally Bar Mitzvah Boys. Andrew Goldberg originally planned on making Bar Mitzvah Boys an animated show about a group of Jewish schoolboys. This changed after Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett came on board and suggested the show be about puberty in general. CRACKED.COM



THESOPRANOS was almost The Family Man. HBO wanted to change the name to The Family Man because they were afraid The Sopranos would make people think the show was about opera singers. Thankfully, creator David Chase pushed back against their demands.

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