16 Random Facts About (Almost) Every Subject

Do you want science? We’ve got science. Do you want show business? We’ve got show business. Do you want mating habits of the wild juggalos? Sorry, we’re fresh out of those -- but come back next time, and we might have something for you! Meanwhile, enjoy these facts about every other to-- No, we don’t have that topic either, you perv! OK, we have some facts about some topics. But what facts we have!

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The first Marvel/DC crossover was The Wizard of Oz. By a coincidence, both publishers were working on comic book adaptations of The Wizard of Oz at th

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Sudoku isn’t an old Japanese invention. The first sudoku was first printed in 1979 in an American Magazine. Called “Number Place,” the puzzle was inve

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Arthur John Priest survived the Titanic - and several more sinkings. The Titanic was only the beginning of Priest's career as the world's most accurse

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Your glasses are expensive because one company owns the market. Italian conglomerate Luxottica owns or licenses pretty much all eyewear brands you can

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