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17 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped (Part 6)

We present the latest installment in our ongoing quest to show you every picture that has ever looked ridiculously fake, and isn't.


The Truth About The Epic Beard Man Viral Video

Back in February, a fight took place on a public bus in Oakland. A week later, four million people had watched the video on YouTube.



How to Use Passive Resistance in the Workplace [COMIC]

Ghandi would be proud.


The Worst Board Game of All Time

We owe a lot to Dr. Laura because she's been talking like people on the Internet since before that was an actual thing.


Facebook Fails of Iconic Fictional Characters

What it might look like if Facebook turned against some of our favorite characters from pop culture.


8 Hilariously Failed Attempts to Use CGI in Political Ads

Politicians discovered CG around 2008 (some are still working on discovering the internet) and boy, are they not making good use of it.


Navigating The Worst Type of Workplace Conversation [COMIC]

Even more pointless than most ...


6 Insane Batman Comics Courtesy of Tasty Hostess Cupcakes

In the late 70s and early 80s, you couldn't get through a comic without seeing a one-page ad involving a highly improbable scenario where a well-known super hero had to save the world using nothing but the power of delicious Hostess snack cakes.



How to Spread Happiness [COMIC]

... the passive agressive way!


5 Of The Greatest Escape Artists Ever (Were Animals)

It's a somewhat sobering thought to learn how some animals dedicate their intelligence to the sole mission of getting the hell out of whatever enclosure we humans have deemed secure enough to keep them in.


20 Hilarious Movies That Take a Minute (Total) To Watch

You will laugh exactly twenty times. Unless you watch them twice.


6 Massive Secret Operations That Are Hidden All Around You

It's amazing how much of our society operates underground -- literally.


10 Photos Capturing Moments of Spontaneous Badassery

It's easy to pose for a photograph to make you look awesome. It's a lot harder to come off as a total badass in the heat of the moment, with no warning, no setup, and no pretense. Hard, but not impossible: