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The 7 Worst Gifts People Seem to Give Every Christmas

I have no idea what your family likes, but I know what they hate, because no one likes this shit.


5 Surprising Things You Learn as a Real Life Private Eye

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5 Authority Figures No One Realized Were Con Artists

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5 Ridiculous Ways People Got Out of Traffic Tickets

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5 Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands Hiding in Busy Cities

You don't necessarily have to earn a fancy degree and apply for expedition funding in order to get your apocalyptic-bone on.


5 Myths About Prostitutes I Believed (Until I Was One)

I'm Ms. White, and I'll tell you everything you need to know about legal whoredom.


5 Ways Having a Baby Messes With Your Brain

I shouldn't be writing this.


5 Terrifying Festivals You Won't Believe Are Legal

If you want a real party, a party so awesome, it stops being awesome and starts being more like a violent, bloody war on the concept of fun, well, friend, look no further.


The 5 Most Hilariously Insane Secret Plots from History

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5 Badass Con Men Who Fooled the Experts There to Catch Them

Suddenly we wonder if we're all just waiting to be suckers.


The 3 Types of Regret That Can Destroy You

I thought maybe it would be a fun thing to pick apart the regrets that mold us into who we are and that can, if we let them, tear us apart.


8 Hilariously Misleading Covers Slapped on Classic Books

When classic books fall into the hands of the rare cover artist who somehow has no idea what's going on, that's when hilarity ensues.


The 5 Best Places to Make (Creepy) Friends

If you want to make new friends but are worried you'll creep them out, you're in luck! At the following gatherings, nobody could possibly be any stranger than the concepts themselves.