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5 Weird Personality Changes That Happen When You Live Alone

For any of you venturing out of your parents' house or a failed relationship or what have you, here are five things no one tells you about living alone.


4 Reasons the World Has Never Been Better

We all walk different paths. But the path is on the same planet, at least, and in that we can find some similar ground to try to understand and help each other.


5 Weirdly Specific Trends From When Comic Books Were Insane

Over the decades comics have gone through all sorts of fads and phases in an effort to change with the times. And sometimes things got weird.


The 4 Most Awkward Group Dynamics

There are lots of chances when speaking in groups for you to fall down a pit of social hell.


The 5 Most Disastrous Marketing Failures of All Time

In a world where it feels like we're all brainwashed by corporate marketing campaigns, it's nice to see them fall flat on their faces now and then.


4 Organizations That Screw the People They Claim to Help

A lot of the kinds of social justice-y activism that we see and hear about in our day-to-day lives and on the Internet are really different from the actual work that gets done.


5 Life Hacks That Can Change an Introvert's Life

Here are several signs you can use to help identify whether the person you're speaking to is struggling not to vomit on your shoes.


5 Reasons Conspiracy Theories Are Destroying the World

It's time to take conspiracy theorists seriously, but not for the reasons they want us to.


5 Hidden Dark Sides of Life as a Street Magician

My name is Matthew Collins, and while working on the streets of Savannah, Georgia, I've learned a few things about the dangers of being a professional street magician.


5 Ways Growing Up in North Korea Is Crazier Than You Think

Beyond all the hilarious propaganda and somewhat less hilarious threats of nuclear war, North Korea is a nation of 25 million people living very weird, awful lives.


5 Terrible Movies That Would Make Great Musicals

It turns out there are a lot of B movies from the past that would make great musicals today.


5 Things I Learned Sneaking Over the U.S.-Mexico Border

My mother and I decided to sneak into the United States for a chance at a better life, a free education, and one of those sweet Springsteen headbands all people are issued the second they cross into U.S. territory.


6 Dumb Things You Won't Believe Have Championships (Part 2)

First one to finish reading this article wins my love. In the physical sense. For 10 solid minutes. No eye contact, though.


5 Social Networking Promotions That Backfired Spectacularly

The great thing about social media is that it allows whatever stupid thing you want to say to reach your audience instantly. The terrible thing about social media is that it allows whatever stupid thing you want to say to reach your audience instantly.