They Never Asked For This: 15 Celebrities Who Never Cared For Fame

They Never Asked For This: 15 Celebrities Who Never Cared For Fame

What society values and pays attention to is kind of a funny thing. For instance, a plumber or a bus driver or postal carrier probably affects your daily life more than a guitar god or a movie star. But you're way more likely to remember the name “Mick Jagger” than “Bob the Plumber.”

Here's the thing, though: not everyone is looking for fame and fortune when they get into showbiz, or the music industry, or, uh… NASA. These jobs are, at their core, jobs, and some people just want to do their work and then call it a day. You know, punch a clock, but in the most visible industries out there. There are famous folks who just want to act, perform, and moonwalk to the best of their ability, and then go home and play video games like the rest of us. Sadly, these 15 people never had a choice:

Shia LaBeouf T AM NOT FAMOVS AORE Displaying a fundamental misunderstanding of how fame works, Shia tweeted I am retiring from all public life, right around the time he drew attention to himself by wearing a paper bag to a movie premiere.

Source: Bustle

Chris Evans ee CRACKEDC This poor, handsome man is worried that he may become a legendary actor, and never be able to go back to being merely an absurdly successful actor: Isn't life pretty much as great as I want it right now? If you get too far, there's no

Source: Vulture

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