17 Briefly Famous People (And Where They Are Now)

There could be a former internet celebrity hiding amongst you this very moment.
17 Briefly Famous People (And Where They Are Now)

The internet is a terrible thing that can bring so much joy to our lives, especially in the form of viral sensations who light up our world for about a month and then disappear forever.

Or so we thought. It turns out that once these people fade from the limelight, they don't actually stop existing. Strange, we know. Here's what they're up to nowadays.

In 2007, 'Success kid' meme took the Internet by storm. In 2015, Sammy, the boy in the meme, used his Internet fame to raise $100,00 for his dad's kid
The Leave Britney Alone! guy (aka Chris Crocker) went on to star in his very own gay porn flick. He also looks like this now. CRACKED.COM
You might remember Antoine Dodson from the viral 2010 video, Bed Intruder. In 2013 Antoine announced on Facebook that he was the True Chosen Hebrew
Jeremy Meeks became the Internet's heartthrob when he was arrested in 2014 and his unusually good-looking mugshot hit the web. He released He's under
You probably know this character as Bad Luck Brian - the subject of an explosively popular Internet meme that put Brian in awkward or discomforting si
Former CRACKED COM Russian spy Anna Chapman's 15 minutes of fame expired in the U.S. after she was deported in 2010. However, she did end up hosting a
Nick and Bobbi Ercoline were 20 years old. They didn't know their picture was being taken. Now they're grandparents: uioodrtode happily married for ne
Mathias Rust, the amateur pilot who landed a plane in Red Square during the Cold War, was later convicted of attempted manslaughter. In 1989 he used a
Myspace Tom left Myspace in 2009 after selling it for a cool $580 million in 2005. He's retired now of course, and uses that cash to travel the world
Monica Lewinsky now holds a master's degree in social psychology, and she became an advocate against cyber- bullying
CON In 2004. despite William Hung's failure to impress the judges in an American Idol audition. his jovial attitude made him (and his audition footage
Despite the world-wide recognition they received, the 33 miners who were rescued after the 2010 Chilean mining disaster currently suffer from post-tra
Catherine Wayne, better known as Boxxy, filmed some Youtube videos of herself in 2008 for her friends in Gaia Online. However, those videos became vir
Lydia Callis's energetic signing for Mayor Bloomberg made her a brief media star in 2012. She was even parodied on SNL. She's since started her oWn co
The Charlie Bit My Finger brothers are now in the advertising business, starring in a tomato sauce commercial. thtrice's #1 Pasta Sar A LONG DAY OF
Jesse Helt, a homeless man, made national headlines when he accepted an award on Miley Cyrus's behalf at the 2014 VMA show. Turns out appearing on nat
Remember The Gingers Have Souls Guy? Michael Kittrell gained notoriety in 2010 when his video' GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!! went viral. The video garne

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