17 Briefly Famous People (And Where They Are Now)

17 Briefly Famous People (And Where They Are Now)

The internet is a terrible thing that can bring so much joy to our lives, especially in the form of viral sensations who light up our world for about a month and then disappear forever.

Or so we thought. It turns out that once these people fade from the limelight, they don't actually stop existing. Strange, we know. Here's what they're up to nowadays.

Entry by Alexius08

Catherine Wayne, better known as Boxxy, filmed some Youtube videos of herself in 2008 for her friends in Gaia Online. However, those videos became vir

Entry by Maclise

Jesse Helt, a homeless man, made national headlines when he accepted an award on Miley Cyrus's behalf at the 2014 VMA show. Turns out appearing on nat

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