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5 Horrifying Things That Happen When You Go Missing

When you disappear for a couple of days and actually make it back, you return with a much better understanding of how the world really responds to a missing persons case.


5 Insane Beliefs of the World's Major Religions

Just like everyone's family, pretty much every religion has at least one bit of crazy they never bring up or talk about in public.


6 Things You Learn When Your Penis / Vagina Doesn't Work

We talked to two people -- Chloe and Carl -- who suffered from rare genital disorders. Each had a ridiculous and frightening tale of trying to get help in a society that would really have preferred they change the subject.


8 Stupid Kitchen Hacks (Tested for Usefulness)

Whoever thought of these kitchen hacks deserves a kitchen hack to their frontal lobe.


4 Things Kids Never Learn (Because Parents Teach Them Badly)

Nearly every parent does this stuff, unfortunately.


The 7 Most Psychotic Ways People Tried to Prove Their Love

These won't melt anyone's heart. They'll put you in jail.


7 Monsters That Bigfoot Hunters Are Too Scared to Believe In

The Pope Lick Monster is not a monster who licks the Pope. It's much, much worse.


5 Gross Things You Learn About People Fixing Their Computer

We spoke to a Geek Squadder about what his job was really like, then we asked him to fix our laptop, because there was no more room on the screen for us to download new browser toolbars.


5 Reasons We're In the Middle of a Dumb Anti-Photoshop Panic

Word on the street is we're all mad about photographers and advertising agencies using Photoshop to make models look supernaturally good.


5 Things Vigilantes Do to Screw Themselves

It's concerning that the Internet can turn one dumb joke into a life-ruining experience, but what's even more alarming is that the way the Internet works is designed to encourage it.


8 Hilarious Historical Fears That Seriously Delayed Progress

While it makes sense to get worried when scientists start breeding strains of genetically modified superintelligent flying spiders, there have been panics about even the most mundane, common-sense advancements.


5 Things You Learn Staying Awake During a Near-Death Injury

If I had fallen on my back or head, I would have died instantly. If I had fallen while front-flipping and playing air guitar, I would have died awesomely.


5 Animals that Survived Shit that Would Kill a Terminator

It's easy to forget that pets are incredibly durable creatures that can bounce back from situations that Wile E. Coyote would find hard to survive.


7 More Disgusting Foods Your Grandparents Ate (Taste-Tested)

What sins of the past will he be forced to digest now?


The 6 Most Obvious Lies People Got Famous Telling the Media

Here are some obvious lies the news media fell for harder than your anti-vaccine and global warming-denying friends on Facebook.