13 Insane Fan Creations That Fill Entire Rooms

Sit on down. We’re about to show you what a spectacular slacker you are.
13 Insane Fan Creations That Fill Entire Rooms

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You know that guy with the perfect yard, complete with immaculately-manicured topiaries representing his favorite Justice League characters? It's time to stop laughing at him. It turns out there are people who are way, way more obsessive when it comes to decorating.

These noble souls dedicated entire rooms (or room-sized equivalents) to their obsessions, and the results are breathtaking.

STAR TREK HOME THEATER Marc Bell devoted an entire wing of his house to his $1 million Star Trek memorabilia collection, with a USS Enterprise-themed
BACKYARD HOBBIT HOLE Design and construction expert Ashley Yeates filled the unappealing dirt pit left behind by a dead tree with a DIY Hobbit hole, c
IN-HOME SPEAKEASY Redditor marauder0g embellished his spare room speakeasy with Prohibition-era items, like whiskey prescription certificates and BAR
CAMPER CAMERA Brendan Berry turned a methed-out $200 camper into a van-sized camera that actually takes pictures. Light entering through a lens on its
13 Insane Fan Creations That Fill Entire Rooms
BASEMENT LOG CABIN Using scavenged lumber, rocks from the side of the road, and some 1950s knickknacks, Dennis A Martin turned this bare room in his b
LIVING ROOM AQUARIUM Retired tech CEO Eli Fruchter can scuba dive in his own goddamned living room. Fruchter fills his 10,000-gallon aquarium with fre
DOG COTTAGE Jessie the beagle has a nicer home than most people, thanks to her owner Tom Wadsworth, who repurposed a cupboard beneath the stairs into
FLYa FLIGHT BOEING 737 800 GARAGE C32O FLIGHT SIMULATOR Private pilot Mark Lowen can fly anywhere in the world without leaving his garage. A friend ho
D&D Screw using your imagination, Ryan Devoto's room- size Dungeons & Dragons diorama is way better, with a shipyard, farms, market. and infested dung
13 Insane Fan Creations That Fill Entire Rooms
PALACE OF VERSAILLES APARTMENT Adrian Reeman, a retired Navy chef with no construction experience, spent 30 years recreating the Palace of Versailles
ELDER SCROLLS BASEMENT Elder Scrolls junkie Tyler Kirkham turned his 1.500- square-foot basement into a slice of Skyrim. The DC comics artist spent $5
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