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If you've gone grocery shopping lately, you've probably noticed the odd phenomenon of virtually identical products packaged in pink for women and blue for men. But it gets much, much weirder. Somehow companies have decided that women like things one way, and men like them another, because of reasons.

For example ...

Entry by Dared00

Nexcare Nexcare 3M 3M FIEC REE H Corfcurt MAaSk RMKO Comfort Mask #550 Corfot SM Thiotate THIrUtate 1168 4 ER 9 2  90 88 n-a wn 13.84 KZ RASA Nexcare

Entry by Sonny Time

Male testosterone booster makes you VIP bigger, stronger, VI LONGJACK increases sex- SI2E OP drive and MALE you'll ENHANCEMENT Tengkat AlL Maca LArini

Entry by PollyDarton

Clothing sizes for men: your actual your neck size actual waist size your actual sleeve length Clothing sizes for women: arbitrary, nonsense meaningle

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