Absurdly Stupid Fashions That Designers Actually Rolled Out

We found some super-flattering new outfits, you guys.
Absurdly Stupid Fashions That Designers Actually Rolled Out

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Fashion shows are weird, we get that. The thing is, some designers speed right past weird, hit the accelerator, and plow full-speed into face-blistering insanity.

For example ...

TERRORIST C H In 2013 German designer Philipp Plein put on a show that looked like he was targeting the posh ISIS member demographic. In addition to b
MODELS WEARING MODELS Rick Owens is known for audacious acts of fashion genius, like the penis pants. At 2016's Paris Fashion Week, he ran with a co
LIPS GLUED S H U T After the triumph of making models look like hillbilly Coneheads, Patrick Mohr returned to Berlin with a new innovation: gluing mod
PRETENTIOUS PRORHYLACTICS These final exhibits from the 2018 Central Saint Martins Ready-To-Wear Collection were intended to resemble condoms. That th
M O D I S H MONSTDOSITIES Gucci's entrants in the latest Milan Fashion Week included models sporting monstrous third eye prosthetics and snuggling sle
F U Z Z Y OLD MEN Designer Patrick Mohr attached bald caps and glued scraggly facial hair to lithe models at German Fashion Week. While one would supp
BIG SILLY ROOBIES Designers Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl are behind the fashion label Namilia, and to celebrate female empowerment aNd ackle the way soc
DESIGNER DECAPITATIONS During the most recent Milan Fashion Week, Gucci premiered models sashaying down the runway carrying what appeared to be their
ACCESSORIZING WITH SPOTLIGHS Avant-garde fashion house Viktor & Rolf ventured into downright hazardous territory when they attached spindly models to
V O G U E VAGINAS Also from Namilia's 2018 The dresses genitalia-heavy line (and righteously comes these tasseled pasties) ladybits-centric were shown
STYLISH SHOWER CURTAINS Another highly practical offering from the 2018 Central Saint Martins Ready-To-Wear Collection saw naked people who apparently
KIDDIE POOL COLITURE Floating on a lazy river met aggressively lazy fashion design at the 2018 Central Saint Martins Ready-To-Wear Collection. Ready-
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