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6 Images of Abandoned Weaponry You Won't Believe Are Real

What happens when you get bored of your new toys? You just toss them out in the middle of a field somewhere. Who cares that they're worth a billion dollars and took dozens of years of intricate design and revision.


5 Mind Blowing Things Crowds Do Better Than Experts

There's nothing stupider than a crowd. Take an average, intelligent person and put him in an emergency and he'll likely remain calm and await instructions. Put him in a crowd and he'll start screaming, looting and overturning cars. Right? Well ... not really. That's why we have crowdsourcing.


5 Sci-Fi Technologies People Achieved By Hacking the Kinect

Kinect turned out to be a virtual puppy petting machine and awkward wedding-dance simulator. But some particularly handy people took a look at the Kinect and saw the true potential.


6 Devices Made for Aquatic Supervillainy

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