With every amazing technological innovation our society produces, there is someone out there that has already come up with a way to make everyone immediately regret it.

That's why we threw this list together, because fuck those assholes that are always making it hard for the rest of us.

Entry by jaoafallas

Enable and setup two-step verification on your account if it's an option. see Two-step verification provides the user two authentication methods like

Entry by Brooklyned

Don't share back to school photos of your kids on social media. Especially not with identifying information like their name and school. Year prescheol

Entry by Sami Czanova

If a caller asks for remote access to your computer, it's a scam and you should hang up. These scammers will often claim to be your ISP, another inter

Entry by BillupsRobot

Take more time after you have parked. Many predators rely on their victim being predictable and unaware. After parking the car, turn off the headlight

Entry by jaoafallas

Don't download attachments or click on any links in text messages or emails asking for personal or financial information even if it looks like it came

Entry by cheemp

Worried about ride-sharing? You can feel safe with Uber by sharing your ETA and trip status to your contacts. yUU IVCE Sure thing, I'll even share my

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