13 Pieces Of Technology That Are About To Change The World

We're living in the future minus all the personal space ships and Ewoks and junk.
13 Pieces Of Technology That Are About To Change The World

Welcome to the 21st Century, also known as the future. Because while we may not all have personal space ships or Wookiee bodyguards, and innovating the keytar has depressingly fallen to the wayside, a lot of cool technology is headed our way.

CancerLocator can detect cancer AND determine where in the body the cancer is located with just a blood test Developed by UCLA researchers, the comput
GRACKEDCON Soon, we may not need to raise animals for consumption, because scientists have shown that it's possible to produce b-grown meat. This coul
Thanks to Disney, wireless power transfer is closer than ever. uo0 Researchers at Disney found a way to wirelessly charge up to 320 devices in a room.
After apparently realizing that his first invention wasn't good enough, Lithium-lon battery inventor John B. Goodenough decided to create an ultra-eff
CRACKED.COM Quantum computers are close to being a reality. Traditional computers work on one calculation at a time, but because of an amazing ability
CRACKEDCON Researchers have successfully created and tested out implants that communicate nerve signals between the brain & the spine to restore body
13 Pieces Of Technology That Are About To Change The World
CRACKEDCO The Gosun Stove allows you to cook with the power of the sun, which means you won't be using any fuels. The stove contains a solar-powered t
13 Pieces Of Technology That Are About To Change The World
Face recognition can now be used as an authentication method to pay for your goods and it has already been adopted in many applications and businesses
Scientists in Italy have created organic CRACKED COM prosthetic implants to reverse blindness. T he implants are made from silk and heal onto the surf
Lawyer Als could make legal help affordable. 30% 20% 10% An Al built by a Stanford student has SO far overturned over $4 million worth of parking tick
Meet II This little robot will wake you in time for work, greet you when you come home, patrol while you're away, and even send a notice to your phone

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