Welcome to the 21st Century, also known as the future. Because while we may not all have personal space ships or Wookiee bodyguards, and innovating the keytar has depressingly fallen to the wayside, a lot of cool technology is headed our way.

Entry by Maclise

Thanks to Disney, wireless power transfer is closer than ever. uo0 Researchers at Disney found a way to wirelessly charge up to 320 devices in a room.

Entry by jaoafallas

CRACKEDCON Researchers have successfully created and tested out implants that communicate nerve signals between the brain & the spine to restore body

Entry by Maclise

13 Pieces Of Technology That Are About To Change The World

Entry by Maclise

Lawyer Als could make legal help affordable. 30% 20% 10% An Al built by a Stanford student has SO far overturned over $4 million worth of parking tick

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