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The 6 Ballsiest Inventors Of All Time

To be a good scientist, it takes intelligence and creativity and years of study. To be a great scientist, you need to be just a little bit crazy.


Infiltrating the Green Movement: Undercover on the Bandwagon

Fortunately, environmentalism is a double-headed monster and I'm allowed to choose which head I follow: one is the true conservationist which we all must tolerate, and the other is the affluent and bored elitist in need of a conspicuously righteous hobby. The latter is more my speed.


6 Eerily Specific Inventions Predicted in Science Fiction

Science fiction has had some stunningly accurate premonitions. And we're not talking about broad predictions, here. No, this stuff is impressively accurate.


5 Ways Stores Use Science to Trick You Into Buying Crap

A big chunk of the world economy runs on human weakness. Peer pressure, vanity, insecurity, the fact that we just cannot resist the sight of melted cheese. There are some other, much weirder scientific principles that factor into what you buy. You might not know about them, but the people selling you things sure as hell do.


6 Statistically Full of S#!t Dangers The Media Loves to Hype

It seems like we decide what we are going to be afraid of by drawing randomly from a hat.


5 Insane Ways Words Can Control Your Mind

While we tend to think words are just sounds we make to express ideas, science is finding language is more like a fun house mirror, warping what we see in mind-blowing ways.


The Creepy Scientific Explanation Behind Ghost Sightings

Science 1. Ghosts 0. Creepiness 100,000.


5 Creepy Ways Animal Societies Are Organizing

Animals a pretty amazing, sure, but now we're at the point where they are too amazing. And that's unsettling.


6 Habits You Didn't Know Were Keeping You Alive

In a twist of fate so beautiful you want to make passionate love to it on the couch with the blinds open, science is now claiming that the most seemingly innocent things you do (or did) on a daily basis can be just as good for you as a lifetime of exercise and carrot juice.


6 Things That Are Secretly Turning You Into A Bad Person

While most of us do what we can to lead a morally sound existence, some completely unexpected factors can turn us from mild mannered to extremely dickish in no time.


6 Signs 'Dead Rising 2' Suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

For all my zombie slaughter, I spend an equal amount of time inventing new ways to curse at the game.


The 5 Weirdest Drug Experiments Performed on Animals

Why let animals enjoy a natural buzz, when science is more than willing to step in and take that high to new hilarious, bizarre, kind of mean-spirited heights?


6 Things Everyone Knows About Women (That Aren't True)

When women claim they're misunderstood, they're not kidding.


The 9 Most Mind-blowing Disguises in the Animal Kingdom

These disguises are so weird and utterly convincing, you won't you're looking at real animals until they're right behind you.


5 Scientific Reasons You're a Bad Employee

Science, you're really starting to chap our asses.