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6 Scientific Discoveries That Laugh in the Face of Physics

There exist special occasions where the universe up and does a magic trick that seems to be designed by an unjust, all-powerful entity dedicated to making scientists ask, 'What in the hell?'


6 Realities of Teleportation Star Trek Didn't Warn Us About

how far away are we from transporters? Well, it turns out that there are a few complications ...


6 Small Math Errors That Caused Huge Disasters

If there are any children reading this, there's really only one thing we want to tell you about adulthood: If you make one tiny mistake, people will die.


5 Absurd Solutions to Huge Problems (That Actually Worked)

Who among us hasn't been asked by a teacher or a boss to think outside the box? It's all well and good when you're looking at a word problem on a Denny's application, not so much when you're staring down a problem with lives on the line.


5 'Modern' Medical Procedures (Are Thousands of Years Old)

Despite what you've seen in Monty Python movies or at Renaissance Faires, people in olden days were a lot smarter than we give them credit for.


6 Insane Last Resort Surgeries That Actually Worked

The following surgeries prove that even the smartest of doctors can have crazy ideas. But is an idea really that crazy if it works? Yes. Yes it is.


The 6 Weirdest Things That Are Ruining Your Memory

If you want your memory to stay strong, you probably already know what to avoid -- excessive alcohol, beating your head on things, getting any older. What you probably didn't know is that there are other, lesser known everyday threats that may be slowly turning you into that guy from 'Memento.'


5 Fish Clearly Designed by a Madman

You know what the problem with 'Sharktopus' was? It just wasn't necessary. Nature provides enough science-fiction-level aquatic horrors all on her own. Hell, some of these are less believable.


6 People Who Gained Amazing Skills from Brain Injuries

In real life, people don't suffer freaky events like getting struck by lightning or getting part of their brain removed and then suddenly find themselves with new superpowers, like heat vision or flight. However, people do apparently suffer freaky events and then gain the ability to do art.


6 Animals With Better Memories Than You

Despite our big, juicy frontal lobe, many of us still forget to pick up the kids after practice due to our inferior memory, one area where a whole bunch of animals leave us in the dust.


6 Most Badass Self-Inflicted Medical Experiments

These individuals have thrown down the proverbial gauntlet of badassery, making most of modern-day medicine look really, really lame.


5 Ridiculous Animal Myths That You Probably Believe

Somewhere, right now, an adult is quoting an interesting animal 'fact' that he actually learned from an old cartoon. And this is how animals became one of those subjects particularly vulnerable to laughable misconceptions.


5 Logical Fallacies That Make You Wrong More Than You Think

The Internet has introduced a golden age of ill-informed arguments. You can't post a video of an adorable kitten without a raging debate about pet issues spawning in the comment section. These days, everyone is a pundit.


6 Scary Tricks That Amazed Us As Kids (Explained By Science)

Demons don't cause Ouija boards to work and demons certainly didn't cause you to wet your pants.