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5 Trends From History With Messed Up Explanations

Those people in your history books were busy doing things for you to read about in history books. They weren't subject to dumb fads. Theirs were ridiculous.


6 Everyday Objects You Had No Clue People Once Used As Money

If you would have told our ancestors that one day we'd be using plastic cards and paper bills to acquire our daily needs, they probably would have said, 'Why? Is violence obsolete in the future? Also, what is plastic?'


7 Things You Have In Your Home With Insane Secret Histories

Did you know your favorite party snack was invented by a racist utopian cult?


4 U.S. Historical Opinions (The British Say Are B.S.)

I'm here to try and defend my beloved country against accusations that we're nothing more than a nation of evil, mustache-twirling, power-obsessed psychopaths in well-tailored suits.


A Letter to My Wife The Day After The Election

Just A Man Standing In Front Of A Woman...


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