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A Short Strange History Of The Real Skulls Used In 'Hamlet'

The most important takeaway here is that Jude Law has a skull guy.


An Ancient Pope Put His Predecessor's Dead Body on Trial (Literally)

It's not unprecedented to put a dead person on trial, but it's pretty rare that the dead person actually appears in court.


55 Ridiculous Stories That Somehow Happened During War

Sometimes, it seems like war is all one big joke.


Urban Legend Of 'Poisoned Halloween Candy' Actually Happened (With Christmas Candy)

Back then, food and drug regulation consisted of little more than, 'But did you die?'


Japan's Love Of Bizarre Beef Bowl Bullying

Beef bowl with cheese, hold the dignity


5 Spells That Prove Old-Timey Magic Was Bananas Stupid

Real magical spells from history were truly recipes for disaster.


Victorian Houses Were 'Home Alone'-Style Death Traps

If you lived here you'd be dead already.


6 Life Hacks From The Past That Now Sound Deranged

Old life hacks worked, even if they weren't always what you'd call 'a good idea.'


The Bizarre, Occasionally Criminal History of Christmas Caroling

It was more like trick-or-treating for Jesus.


In Edo Japan, Firefighters Wore The Bossest Of Jackets

Even a burning building can be a fashion catwalk.


How History Reacts To Kyle Rittenhouse Incidents

We've been here before ...


Bible's 'Plague of Frogs' May Have Been Just One Giant Frog

It's not like it'd be the weirdest thing in there.


Samurai Played Arrow Target Shooting Game (With Dogs)

Samurai thought pratice would be so much better if they could shoot at moving targets. And that's how we got inuoumono.


You've Been Lied To: Sugar Plums And Plum Pudding Contain No Plums

Plums have weaseled their way into a completely undeserved festive reputation, and it’s time to call those suckers out.


When Victorians Frowned On 'Merry Christmas': The Original 'War On Christmas'

It was decided that wishing others a 'Happy Christmas' was more Christ-like or at least less thirst-like.