The Force Is With These 5 Cool Star Wars Products

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Star Wars: It's alright. Not too special. Nobody seems to love it all that much or care strongly about it, and there's nobody in the world who will spend much time developing in-depth opinions about it. But on the off chance you do happen to have a mild curiosity about this Star Wars thing, we've compiled a bunch of cool gadgets related to it. You know, just in case.

Star Wars Propel Drone -- Collector's Edition

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Behold, a drone shaped liked a TIE Fighter. We're not sure how fast they went in the movies, but these drones can reach up to 35 mph and execute stunts at the click of a button.

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Normally $149.99, you can score the drone model of your choice for just $49.

Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Robot Vacuum

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This vacuum is designed to look like a stormtrooper, and just like a stormtrooper, it will clean your floor with visionary mapping technology, a bristle brush, and CycloneForce technology. Say what you will about the Empire, but the floor of the Death Star was so spotless that Palpatine could eat off of it.

Normally $699, you can pick up the Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Robot Vacuum in the Cracked Shop for just $372.

Star Wars Art

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You've been living in that apartment, staring at blank walls for two years now. What's been holding you back? Well, put simply, you didn't have a cool enough poster to commit to. Allow us to rectify that with three stunning posters reminding you of three famous scenes from Star Wars.

Normally $24.95, you can get one of three designs in the Cracked Shop for just $19.

Star Wars Pajama Set

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Sometimes you can't show your love of Star Wars because you're too busy sleeping. But with these pajamas, you could be in a Force-induced coma and still proudly display your devotion.

Normally $30, you can grab these Star Wars-Themed Sleepsuits in Medium, Large or XL for just $12.99.

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Millennium Falcon Ice Mold

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Show your love of the Millennium Falcon by molding ice in its shape. (We never noticed until now, but it kind of looks like a crab claw. That's fun!) Then celebrate further by sticking that ice in your whiskey glass and then drinking whiskey with it. It's what Han Solo (noted crab enthusiast) would have wanted.

Normally $14.99, you can buy Millennium Falcon Ice Molds in the Cracked Shop for just $9.99.

Go forth into the Death Starry Night, you brave Space Cowboys.

We're depending on you to Defeat The Dark Side With These Epic 'Star Wars' Lamps.

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