Take Gaming To The Next Level With These Switch Accessories

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Younger gamers may not realize this, but there was a time when you could go hours, maybe even days, without playing Zelda. But now, thanks to the invention and proliferation of the Nintendo Switch, we are spared such hardships. We can play Zelda in our living room with surround sound, in our bed with the lights off, on airplanes, on buses, in our cars (hopefully only at red lights), on the toilet, in the shower (with the creative usage of Ziploc bags), and even while we're supposed to be watching our vulnerable and curious children.

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And yet there are still ways that the Nintendo Switch can be made more convenient and usable. It's with these devices, plucked oh so lovingly from the Cracked Store and deposited right in front of your desperately lustful eyeballs.

Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio Adapter

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Here's a common problem: The best headphones in the world are Bluetooth, but the Switch isn't compatible with them. The obvious solution is to spend the rest of your life playing on silent, never knowing the sweet sound of Mario snagging a coin. Or you can get the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio Adapter, a simple device that connects directly to your Switch and streams all audio to whatever wireless headphones you choose. Best of all, the ergonomic shape allows the Switch to stand upright or on a flat surface while plugged in. Normally $59.99, the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio Adapter is available in the Cracked Store for just $39.99.

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Nintendo Switch Battery Charger Case

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It is a quandary as old as gaming itself: "Do I charge my Switch, or use a case to protect it from my gross candy-stained fingertips?" Now you can do both, with a combined battery/case that doubles your Switch's playtime. It includes a kickstand for cooling airflow, and has a built-in Quickchip chipset to ensure steady power flow. So much flow! Normally $60, you can get the Nintendo Switch Battery Charging Case in the Cracked Store right now for just $40.

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AAXA S1 Mini Projector For Nintendo Switch

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This is the coolest thing you'll read about all day. If you're reading this at night, congrats on structuring your day so the climax is at the end -- you have a natural penchant for storytelling. The AAXA S1 Mini Projector is a freaking projector that attaches to your Switch and blasts its visuals onto a wall up to 120" across. The S1 contains powerful 2-watt stereo speakers, a badass 52-watt battery that'll last up to three hours, and it can even charge your Switch when docked. Normally $312.99, you can buy the AAXA S1 Mini Project for Nintendo Switch in the Cracked Store for just $289.

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