2 New Shirts for People Who Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

Don't cross the streams. Don't trust the EPA. And never give up on finding your gatekeeper. These are just some of the lessons of Ghostbusters, the movie that showed us all how to love, live, and make it in New York. And now that even Bill Murray is into fresh new takes on the franchise, we think we've got all the license we need to continue expanding on the universe that taught a generation rudimentary Sumerian mythology.

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Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa slash New York slash a shirt from designer Scott O'Gara. Because even if you don't love baseball, you've gotta be a fan of reanimated Black Sox spirits roaming the countryside, with an insatiable desire to play an ancient and boring sport. And who better embodies the silliness it takes to go ghost-exterminating in New York than someone who kills their crops to play baseball with ghosts in the Midwest? Get this design on a tee, just in time for having something charming to wear for Halloween and the World Series.

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It's a rare movie where the dated, peppy theme song sticks in your memory far more than the sci-fi proton packs every major character carries. So this design from Joseph LeJeune puts together the two most important tools in any Ghostbuster's arsenal. It's all the action and jams of the movie's spirit in one shirt that bleeds cool. And isn't it at least a little bit steampunk? If you like that? If not forget we mentioned it?


Be Our Winston Zeddemore

So you know how the Ghostbusters felt like they were all set with what they had and then Ernie Hudson shows up and suddenly they can't live without him? Your stray t-shirt idea could make you our Ernie Hudson. Our last design contest just wrapped up but don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd in our random t-shirt idea thread, where you can post any great idea that comes to you. If we like it enough we'll produce it, feature you in this space when it goes on sale, and give you $500 ($1.85 in 1984 money).

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Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

You know we love you like Janine loves Spengler (sorry Louis, she never stopped carrying that torch). Which is why we don't just shove our new shirts in your face. We say "look at these new shirts by other people! We found them for you! Please look as good as possible!" And then we go back to our desk and keep handling the team's secretarial work because we want to keep things professional (and unrequited).


Available at Naolito

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Available at Society6


Available at Glennz Tees

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Available at Design by Humans

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