2 New Shirts for 'Jurassic Park' and 'Mario Bros.' Fans

Magic happens when you combine the Mario universe with the outside world. Just look at the math:

Mario + music = Daft Punk the way it was meant to be heard.
Mario + sporting competition = Luigi's death stares.
And Mario + fashion = radness every time.

So in that spirit, we bring you these two new shirts, hoping that our own mashups have something that makes you go "That's clever."

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Like, say, subbing in Yoshis for a certain pair of clever girls. Because why not let one of the very best things about the '90s (Super Mario 64) invade another of the best things about the '90s (Jurassic Park) right around that scene where the characters do something you did throughout the '90s (house a ridiculous amount of ice cream). This Muldoon-praise-worthy design from Paka comes on a reptilianly green shirt, because we are pro-fictional reptile, even though a lot of prehistoric beasts scare us to this day.

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Yes, that's an energy dome. Yes, "energy dome" is the proper term for what you've been calling "that Devo hat thingy." And just as Devo asked "Are We Not Men?" this design from Josh Geiser asks if the Toads of the world don't have just as much validity and personality as beings. Get it on a shirt now, and let everyone know that no matter how much life makes you devolve or get your head stomped on, you've still got a great attitude and the very best taste in everything.


"Hey, I Could Make Better Shirts Than That"

Every month we have a contest in which we ask for new t-shirt designs. If you read these posts purely out of spite to satisfy some loathing hole in your heart, we very earnestly invite you to do better. In this month's contest, we are asking for pop culture icons hiding in everyday objects. If you've sworn you've seen Robocop's helmet in car grills, or toaster ovens that look suspiciously like a Ghostbusters trap, or an ice cube that looks eerily like Han Solo frozen in carbonite, we are asking you to embrace that insanity. If we select your design as a winner, we'll pay you $500.

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Our Weekly Dose of Envy

You don't have to be Nintendo to the core to look good in T-shirts. And as much as we're in the mood for a trip down the Rainbow Road of our memories, there are whole other worlds of new Internet shirts from this week that you might get on your person by next week if you order now. Until that order happens, check out our five favorites in enticing pixel form below.


Available at Busted Tees

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Available at Redbubble


Available at Society6

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Available at SnorgTees


Available at Threadless

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