13 Funny Jokes About Office Life

The only good thing about being trapped in a cubicle farm Monday through Friday are these jokes about it
13 Funny Jokes About Office Life

Whether you work at a building or work remotely, office life can be a drag. The cringey corporate buzzwords, weird hierarchy and “professional” culture are all a funny façade. It’s no wonder so many comedians mine material from their current or former corporate employers, and given how many of us have had to wear a tie or use a broken copier over the years, the relatability is off-the-charts.

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Here are some of the funniest jokes about the office that you can share around the proverbial watercooler. Well, with the cool people, at least. Not in your Slack chat...

Undercover Office Potty

Saturday Night Live has a solution for when the office bathroom is way too far down the hall. A terrible, nasty solution.

Office Birthday

Baroness Von Sketch Show reveals the weird paranoia and forced fun the office gets into when celebrating a co-worker’s birthday. Especially the “kick the tit” part.

The Bold and the Cubicle

A Black Lady Sketch Show takes office drama to its logical conclusion — an honest-to-god telenovela.

Maria Bamford Misses Office Camaraderie

“I used to work as a secretary, and I miss office life. ‘Where do you wanna go for lunch? What do you want to get for lunch? Where do you wanna go for lunch?’ I feel… I feel like a sandwich or something. ‘Ah-haaaaaa…’ Or like a salad. ‘Ohhhhh…’ You know, someplace where I can get a Diet Coke. ‘...WE COULD GO TO QUIZNOS!’”

Katrina Davis Gets Hyped to Hate Her Co-workers

“If you wear a suit to a job that doesn’t require us to wear a suit, we’re not gonna be friends. I hate you. Relax. Stop coming in so early; you’re making it painfully obvious how late I am.”

Key & Peele’s ‘Competition’

Unfortunately, office politics are usually dubbed a “dick-measuring contest” by most. Key & Peele, however, measure something else entirely.

Eggman Game

I Think You Should Leave investigates how even passing time at the office can become stressful when you need to buy eggs for the egg game. Just know you’re not allowed to watch porn at work.

The Kids in the Hall Put Your Heart into Your Work

Office Kombat!

We’ve all had that fight to the death over whether the marketing proposal was due on Thursday. Robot Chicken just animated it.

Hannibal Buress Doesn’t Know Office Etiquette

“It’s weird working in an office because I don’t know how many times we’re supposed to say hello to people throughout the day. Because I keep seeing the same people, I’m like, I saw you 45 minutes ago; should I say ‘Hello,’ or should I just grumble under my breath. I don’t know what to do. I just made a rule that if I say hello to you three times on Monday, I say nothing to you on Tuesday. You’re hello’d out for the week.”


The criminally underrated Corporate on Comedy Central broke into the dark reality of working at an office and the very relatable drama that can occur when most people want to make enough money to live their life and not worry about any ladders, promotions and the like. Just don’t overuse exclamation points in email, and you’ll be fine.

Evil Boss

Saturday Night Live showcased the worst office boss you could ever work for. Look, Michael Scott was bad, but he at least didn’t kill anyone with a trident. Although Steve Carell did kill a guy with a trident in Anchorman… which starred Will Ferrell… WHO IS IN THIS SKETCH. MIND BLOWN!

The Jell-O Stapler

The first actual breakthrough joke of The Office, the Jell-O stapler prank, showcases what each main character brings to the show (Dwight’s uptightness, Michael’s need to be liked, Jim’s dickery and Ryan’s Ryaness). A classic bit that hasn’t lost any punch during fans’ annual rewatch.

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