Jell-O Celebrates 'The Office's' 16th Birthday with Stapler Jello Prank Kit

Jell-O Celebrates 'The Office's' 16th Birthday with Stapler Jello Prank Kit

On today's episode of "things that will make you feel extremely old," The Office is just days away from celebrating the 16th anniversary of its March 24, 2005 premiere,  meaning that if staplers covered in lemon Jello-could drive, we'd be seeing Jim's first gelatinous prank behind the wheel unnervingly soon. In honor of this momentous occasion, one of the prank's key players has decided to recognize the gag's sweet 16 the way nearly any corporation would -- giving away some commemorative merch. 

According to AdWeek, Jell-O, owned by parent company Kraft-Heinz is hosting a strange giveaway where 100 lucky fans will win an absolutely luxurious The Office themed prize package, featuring a stapler, five boxes of the jiggly stuff, and $60 gift card, to cover six months of a Peacock  subscription -- or, well, approximately 1.25 of the shows boxed sets, if you, like several other netizens have a clear vendetta against the streaming service's bizzare, tiered pricing model. 

Now reader, I know what you're probably thinking -- but I don't want to give my personal information away to a mega-corporation to maybe win a kit to help me make a stapler Jell-O kit! Well reader, you're in luck. The contraption is  a relatively simple DIY project, at least according to WikiHow. You make half your Jell-O, pout it into a bowl, let it harden, toss in the stapler, add the rest of the Jell-O, let that set and boom, you have a prank worthy of a highly-syndicated 2000s sitcom. It's so easy that even Kevin could do it.

So folks, there you have it, a prank kit perfectly suited for The Office's biggest flans. 

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