10 Unpopular Opinions about ‘Saturday Night Live,’ According to Reddit

With so many upvotes, how unpopular can they be?
10 Unpopular Opinions about ‘Saturday Night Live,’ According to Reddit

Get your SNL hot takes here! Get ‘em while they’re hot! Reddit user u/Dawn_in_Danger took to the r/LiveFromNewYork subreddit this week to rile up the fans with this question: “What are your SNL unpopular opinions and hot takes?” u/Dawn_in_Danger followed up with three pretty good ones: 1) Kristin Wiig is an amazing performer, but D_in_D hated every one of her characters except for Doonese and the Vogelcheck mom; 2) Most of Lonely Island’s videos weren’t that funny; and 3) Taran Killam was seriously underrated. Good start! Here are more unpopular opinions -- or considering the massive upvotes, maybe they’re popular after all?

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“I think Chris Parnell and Alex Moffatt are both mega-talents that seem under appreciated by fans.” (u/jasboods)

“The show is best when the sketches are less topical. Not even just politics. I remember when Netflix had all the episodes uncut, it was genuinely hard to watch 1/3 of the sketches because it was so topical.” (u/RaisingFargo)

Melanie Hutsell was a real talent overshadowed by a powerhouse cast (Sandler, Spade, Farley) but was the flashpoint that started the conversation that put women into a brighter spotlight.” (u/rekipsj)

“the SNL band should be included in the opening montage again :'(“ (u/murkEwater)

“I believe that Bobby Moynihan has one of the widest and most broad ranges of any cast member in the history of SNL. He was so great in any sketch he did. Comic gold, great at any character he played.” (u/ministerman)

Melissa Villaseñor is a gifted impressionist, and was charming and adorable as herself on update, but I understand why she was underused on the show and (allegedly???) let go. Unless she was doing an impression or a goofy character, her delivery in sketches was flat and stilted, and she always tripped over her lines.” (u/MizAnthropy_)

“The second Golden era (1986-93) actually ends in 1991 with Jan Hooks’ departure. 1991-93 is a very crowded transitional period into the Bad Boys years. It’s still a great show (season 18 might be my favorite season) but you can see the omens of 1993-95 if you look hard enough.” (u/August_West_1990)

PDD are hit or miss for me and having them in every single episode in the second half of last season felt like overkill.” (u/MoneyHungryOctopus)

“The Ladies Man spin-off movie is a classic and should be held in the same ranks as Blues Brothers and Wayne's World.” (u/TRoosevelt1776)

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