A ton of mind-bending stuff has happened on Wandavision so far, from Pleasantville-esque reality manipulation to intercorporate multiversal casting revisions to literal witchcraft -- but somehow the strangest, most hard-to-swallow plot twist so far involves ... physical media. In the most recent episode, "Previously On," we see the origin story behind Wanda's fixation with old-timey television; her parents taught her English using DVDs of American sitcoms like Bewitched and Who's the Boss? -- because who better to shape the minds of future generations than Tony Danza?

Okay, there's a few issues here -- for starters, this scene throws the whole timeline of the MCU out of whack. Earlier in the season, Jimmy Woo mentions that Wanda and Pietro were born in 1989.

And since we know that their parents died when Wanda and Pietro were ten, this scene must have taken place around 1999. But some of those DVDs came out as late as 2005. This would make sense if, as some have theorized, Wanda was actually born between '98 and 2000. But that would mean that Wanda was a minor in the Avengers movies and possibly still a teenager when she hooked up with Vision -- who is technically only a few years old but looks like a British guy in his forties. Which is kind of creepy.

Even weirder is the fact that, while it may be hard for us to remember today, in the days before streaming, DVD box sets of TV shows were pretty goddamn expensive. The suitcase full of DVDs that Wanda's dad brings home would have likely cost hundreds of dollars back then. That Dick Van Dyke Show collection alone was worth a small fortune. And in case you didn't notice, the Maximoffs live in a rundown one-room apartment in the middle of a war zone. Wanda's dad justifies the extravagance by claiming that he'll "sell them all tomorrow."

But how does that work? How can they watch over 100 hours of television in a single night? People had already anticipated the reveal that Wanda grew up with classic American sitcoms but speculated that it would have been because older shows were often still on the air in Eastern Europe. Which would have made way more sense than Wanda's dad senselessly indulging in a suitcase full of TV shows from wildly different time periods.

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Top Image: Marvel Studios

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