It's easy to get carried away obsessing over Star Wars. Whether that means getting a tattoo, or cramming your house full of soulless plastic toys, or devoting the majority of your free time to arguing about The Last Jedi online until you forget what side you were actually on in the first place. But it turns out that having an all-consuming passion for everything Star Wars may actually ... contradict the point of Star Wars?

Recently Lucasfilm creative art manager Phil Szostak shared a 2005 quote from George Lucas where he implored the crowd at Star Wars Celebration not to let his goofy space movies "take over" their lives because they're supposed to be about the importance of leaving home, becoming an adult, and living life. Which may have come as a shock to every adult in the audience still sleeping in Ewok bedsheets.

On one hand, Lucas' point makes a lot of sense; the first movie is very much an allegory for his own early life, in which he left a small desert town to pursue a film career. And can you imagine how boring Star Wars would have been if Luke decided to eschew adventuring to just keep living in his uncle's farm/basement apartment collecting power converters and never taking them out of their original packaging?

But then again, Star Wars has prompted countless fans to create their own works of art, connect with friends and romantic, and even advance real-life scientific research. Plus, Luke's story of leaving home and immediately falling in league with a celibate wizard cult may be an excellent example of why teens shouldn't leave home too soon. 

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Top Image: Lucasfilm

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