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So you started watching The Great British Baking Show during quarantine, and now you're obsessed with learning to bake. You can watch as many YouTube videos and baking shows as you'd like, but they won't give you quite the same hands-on instruction that you need to turn flour and eggs into decadent treats in the closest thing we have to magic. If you want to bake like a wizard, Whisk Takers is a better choice.

Whisk Takers is a baking kit service that gives you step-by-step recipe cards and pre-measured ingredients to help you learn how to bake quickly and easily. Everything is delivered right to your door, prepackaged, making the baking process more fun, less messy, and all but impossible to biff. Never again scrape burnt cake off the bottom of your oven because you accidentally measured the baking soda in tablespoons instead of teaspoons and accidentally created a chocolate volcano. Not that we know anyone who’s done that.

Just pick whichever bundle sounds the most mouth-watering and get down to delicious business. The Ready-to-Make Dessert Box Baking Bundle helps you make s'mores brownies and chocolate hazelnut cupcakes, and to be honest, we stopped reading after those words. We had to run to the store for marshmallows and Nutella, but you don’t have to. Normally $62, you can save 22% off the box when you get it for $48 today.

The 3-Box Brownies & Cupcakes Bundle adds cookies n' cream brownies to the mix, just to be a show-off. Normally $70, you can save 20% off the box when you get it for $56 today.

Finally, the Vegan Bundle is exactly what it sounds like. This clever kit will teach you how to make three vegan-friendly desserts: s'mores brownies, banana walnut blondies, and double chocolate cookies. And yes, they're all actually vegan. Normally $75, you can get this bundle for 20% off at $60 today. Be a friend to the animals and your tummy.

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