Traffic Is Light, So One Guy Took Advantage To Drive Like A Maniac

Traffic Is Light, So One Guy Took Advantage To Drive Like A Maniac

As you're well aware, COVID-19 has completely overhauled the landscape of modern life. Businesses are shuttered. The streets are clear. And with death and imminent danger seemingly all around us, many have taken this moment to reevaluate our lives and band together in an effort to support the common good. And then there is Benjamin Chen, who has taken the possibly 50% drop in street traffic to treat New York City like his own Fast and the Furious spin-off.

Chen was arrested on the scene after driving a rare $750,000 2014 Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT (for those of you who don't know about cars, "Gemballa Mirage" is Italian for tiny testicles) right into a minivan (valued at much, much less than $750,000), then attempting to flee the scene, crashing into three more parked vehicles along the way.

This isn't the only incident of morons taking advantage of empty streets in order to drive recklessly, but so far it might be the stupidest. This guy drives like he's being controlled by your little brother playing GTA V, except even your little brother knows to ease the throttle on the turn. Let's watch together as he speeds away from his near million-dollar accident, shamefully dragging his dignity behind him, along with his tires.

The commentary on this video is priceless, but my favorite part might be the New Yorkers in the background who stop and gawk only for a moment, before walking away to get on with the rest of their day. Clearly this registered at about a "Four" at most on the "Crazy Shit That Happens In New York"-scale, but this man's deep misunderstanding of the social contract is frustrating all the same.

Just because the time we're living in feels surreal enough to be a video game doesn't mean it actually is. So please don't use the empty streets to drive like an asshole, because if you do, someone is going to catch it on camera and we're all going to hate you, even after this pandemic is over.

Top Image: rhonda_jenkins/Pixabay

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