And Now, Nicolas Cage Singing 'Purple Rain'

And Now, Nicolas Cage Singing 'Purple Rain'

Celebrity divorces are messy, especially when the marriage only lasts four days, the bride wants spousal support, and the groom is Nicolas Cage. It's in the midst of this dramatic upheaval that Cage took to an LA karaoke bar recently. Presumably to offload some of his frustrations with erstwhile partner Erika Koike, he was captured on video rage-singing Prince's "Purple Rain."

Cage seems like he's trying to use his dark magic to channel Prince, but instead he channels the still-living spirit of Tom Waits. If there's one thing to take issue with here, it's that every site reporting the story claims, without evidence, that Cage was intoxicated as he attacked "Purple Rain." That's journalistically irresponsible. We contend this is just who he is. Nicolas Cage doesn't need to be drunk to unleash his true power on unsuspecting songs and audiences. It's what made him so rich that he could afford to lose his money on dinosaur skulls.

Need more proof? Just two days after that footage was released, Cage was right back in the same bar, singing the same song with the same growls. He doesn't do this for the attention. He does it for the love of butchering Prince's "Purple Rain," like a true artist.

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