Kanye West took the stage -- or rather, took the man-made grassy hill -- on Coachella's final day. It was Easter Sunday, and he and his band donned oversized mauve robes to perform what he called "a Sunday Service." That is, an intertwining of hip-hop and gospel, all wrapped in overt Christian themes -- the most prominent being the selling of ludicrously overpriced merch to Coachella trust fund babies. There is truly no better way to honor Jesus, a man who really seemed to dislike rich people, than with a crew-neck sweatshirt that says "Holy Spirit" that's somehow $225 while looking exactly like the kind of sweater you can get off a Goodwill rack for a buck.

Don't forget the matching Sunday Service sweatpants for $195! That means if you want to be dressed in Kanye West's God-branded mauve sweatsuit, you need to fork over $420. All to give yourself the authentic "I've given up" look of people who are doing anything in sweats other than running down the streets of Philadelphia flanked by cheering fans because they're Rocky Balboa. Apparently, the whole event had a Sermon on the Mount sort of vibe. That's fitting, considering that Jesus turned water into wine, much in the same way that Kanye took the kind of cotton casual wear typical of your average Vacation Bible Camp and turned into piles and piles of cash.

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