5 Clever (But Evil) Gaming Trolls Who Caused Mass Chaos

5 Clever (But Evil) Gaming Trolls Who Caused Mass Chaos

Video games are ... well, games. They're generally meant to be fun and inconsequential. And sometimes trolling in a game can be delightfully clever and silly. But "creative and silly" doesn't take the sting out of a pathetic life full of frustration and impotence, so a lot of trolls prefer ruin and desolation. And in some games, that can make you infamous. For example ...

A Fortnite Troll Massacred A Party To Set The World Record For Kills

With all its dancing, crafting, and bouncy house concerts, it's easy to forget that Fortnite is all about killing your competition in a brutal battle for points. But one troll didn't forget. So when all the other players were gathered together for a lovely night of nonviolence, he literally pulled the rug out from under their feet.

In the summer of 2018, Fortnite devs hyped a mysterious event that would occur on June 30 at 1:30 p.m. EST. Right before the countdown ended, tens of thousands of players logged on, not to bash in each others' skulls, but merely to watch as some weird rocket ripped into the skies. And in the spirit of the unofficial ceasefire, some even decided to work together to build massive towers, giving everyone a front-row seat.

But while all eyes were aimed at the sky, 48 players suddenly plummeted to their deaths. Their observation tower had collapsed, presumably due to those notoriously lax in-game building codes. Then they were informed they had in fact been killed by someone called Elemental_Ray. Instead of enjoying the spectacle, he'd kept his eyes on the prize: winning the battle royale. So when he saw a group of players build a tower and then leave its base unguarded, he knew a sure way to get 48 kills with one swing of a pickax.

But Elemental_Ray got a bit more infamy than he bargained for when it turned out he'd griefed his way into the Fortnite world record for most kills in a single game. The community got as angry as it could, going as far as to call Elemental_Ray "the kind of person who pours milk before the cereal." To this, the world record holder replied, "Even Jesus had haters."

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GTA Online Trolls Found A Way To Kill People In Single Player

In late 2018, dedicated GTA V players suddenly discovered a new and terrifying way to die: out of the blue, with not a bullet wound or truck grill to mark their body. Characters would just stop their car, get out, and die on the spot. The killers: murky modders who figured out a way to kill players even when they were in single-player mode.

5 Clever (But Evil) Gaming Trolls Who Caused Mass Chaos
Rockstar Games
"Does anyone else smell burnt corpses?"

Turns out modders always had access to an admin tool used to kick unwanted players out of online lobbies, and that it could also be used to kick players out of their own story mode. The only obstacle was that it was impossible to find another player's ID if they weren't connected to you. That all changed when a fall 2018 update allowed people to find other players' Rockstar Social ID numbers, opening the doors for digital heart attacks galore. And because we now live in the "always online" stage of invasive internet, that meant assholes could even creep into single-player games to silently snip your virtual strings.

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A Soulcalibur Troll Creates An Impossible-To-Beat Novelty Character

Soulcalibur VI has such an absurdly robust character creation tool that some players spend more time creating Pikachus, Marge Simpsons, and sexy nipple Sonics than they do duking it out in the ring. Of course, with that many options, it didn't take long for one inventive troll to tweak them into the dirtiest, cheapest video game fighter ever: The Rainbow Cube.

5 Clever (But Evil) Gaming Trolls Who Caused Mass Chaos
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Best and defintely brightest.

In late October 2018, Soulcalibur VI's lobbies were invaded by a custom character that looked like a giant multicolored cube. This funky box was created by streamer Abbock (aka Cryin' Brian), who managed this abomination by employing a minor cheat which allowed him to increase the size of small aesthetic character apparel. Underneath the weird blocky exterior was still a regular Soul Calibur man/woman/freaky skeleton warrior with a regular moveset.

Nonetheless, the Cube utterly destroyed its opponents. That's because, unless you adhere to the sacred martial arts school called the Way of the Random Button Mash, fighting games are all about strategy and predicting your opponent's moves. And obviously, that's pretty hard to do when you're fighting a solid chunk of bright colors and don't know if your enemy's coming at you with a sword slash or skittering around on the ground like an S&M spider.

Bandai Namco Entertainment
The other kind of dirty fighter.

Abbock only made the character as a bit of fun, but The Cube did raise eyebrows in the pro Soulcalibur community, which saw it as clear evidence that custom characters shouldn't be allowed in ranked competition. And that makes sense. While it's not illegal to fight using a lizard man who wields a giant dong, it can be considered ... distracting.

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The Emperor Of No Man's Sky Will Erase Your Base

SeriousGamerX is the self-declared emperor of No Man's Sky, destroying all human settlements that cross his gaze. Is he a masterful space tactician? Does he have a massive army? No, he's just a vulture who abuses a dumb loophole.

See, No Man's Sky only supports a certain amount of bases claimed per planet. So the imperial troll travels around looking for planets with unguarded human bases, and then spends hours of his fleeting, limited life claiming enough bases to "erase" the previous ones, like some weird beach bully who ruins sand castles by chucking his own, worse sand castles at them.

SeriousGamerX finally became the game's most hated troll when a prominent community leader reached out to him to engage in some friendly diplomacy. He replied by betraying her, destroying her base, and then mocking her for being a woman. He then cemented his true villain status by being kicked out of the known universe.

Your Console is Banned Your console has bean permanenthy suspended om online play for the following gamels DD 1091427 No Man's Sky Reason for suspensi
Hello Games
The last thing the developers need are trolls making No Man's Sky an unplayable mess. They have that task well in hand themselves, thanks.

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Elite: Dangerous Trolls Target Charity Streams To Cause Maximum Grief

Elite: Dangerous has a very dedicated fanbase. That is not always a positive thing. Take the Smiling Dog Crew, a band of griefers who wave ISIS imagery around and shout "Allahu Akbar" while blowing up defenseless players. They achieved notoriety during "the Mobius Incident," wherein they infiltrated the game's biggest private anti-PVP group (over 20,000 players) and started massacring defenseless spacers like roided-out Romulans.

But how do you top that kind of wanton aggression and senseless bullying? Well, ED trolls figured that the one thing worse than doing evil is undoing good. So SDC and other dedicated human monsters started ruining charity streams -- nice couch potatoes from all over the world performing in-game challenges to collect donations and raise awareness for good causes. But not even the notoriously hands-off devs at Frontier were going to let that kind of thing slide, so they announced they would start taking action against people who disrupted charity streams without invitation.

In response, SDC did something unexpected: They hosted a charity stream of their own called "Arseholes for Arseholes," during which they donated money to charity every time they griefed another player. That way, Frontier couldn't ban them for assholish behavior, since that assholish behavior was doing real-world good. Only a troll brain could think that doing community service means you've outsmarted everyone calling for you to be punished.

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