'Neckbeard Deathcamp' Is The Protest Band We Need Right Now

While we've seen a lot of musicians tackle the thorny subject of President Trump, few troubadours have dared to discuss the myriad trolls, "alt-right" provocateurs, white supremacists, and straight-up A-holes that propagandize on his behalf. That is, until this week and the release of White Nationalism Is For Basement Dwelling Losers by the mostly Chicago-based band Neckbeard Deathcamp -- an album title and band name that somehow manages to understate how little these guys are here to play.

White Nationalism Is For Basement Dwelling Losers isn't an academic, straight-faced dissection of modern right-wing and white nationalist philosophy; it's pure, simple, unfiltered mockery. It's a dissection in the way that a chainsaw or wood chipper dissects, with targets ranging from the right's "issues" with women, to their childlike belief that shitposting is just like IRL warfare, to their dumbass usage of Nazi symbology. The album is only seven tracks long, but it's hard to figure out which is our favorite. We've so far narrowed it down to "The Left Are The Real Fascists"...

Neckbeard Deathcamp

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... "Zyklon /b/" ...

Neckbeard Deathcamp

... and "Please Respond (I Showed You My Penis)."

Neckbeard DeathcampWe have a winner!

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After it was released, the viral demand for White Nationalism Is For Basement Dwelling Losers meant that real copies immediately sold out, but clicking on this link will take you to their Bandcamp, where, alongside listening to the album for free, you can also buy a copy for as little as $1 -- a grossly small price to pay, considering that not only will it help these guys make a second album, but this one is basically the right's own Springtime For Hitler.

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