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A rap tribute to the King of Infomercials. [Huffington Post]

See how rednecks get it done: [There, I Fixed It.]

Angelica Dynasty has quite possibly our favorite stripper name ever. [Gorillamask]

Top 5: Movies That Scare Guys. [Ask Men]

WoW freakout in the key of Yakety Sax. [College Humor]

10 Most Awkward High School Yearbook Photos Of Heavy Metal Stars. [Funk Jelly]

A day-trip to Planet Freud. [ Life on Snaiad]
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15 Hot Women with Over-Achieving Guys. [Uncoached]

10 Thriller Videos You Haven't Seen. [Liquid Generation]

10 Topless (Uncensored) Moments in Adult Swim (NSFW). [Adult Swim]

This was acceptable when you were five. Not so much now. [I Am Bored]

Two girls. One Cone. [The Blemish]

A superficial analysis of Wimbledon. [Asylum]

COED'S Comprehensive Guide to SFW Boobs (NSFW). [Coed Magazine]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: In memory of Billy Mays: The Most Commonly Used Infomercial Pitches.


Demon's can be gay, too: [KTLA.]
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Bruno strips for Conan. [Huffington Post]

Sarah Lyons owns lots of revealing bathing suits. [Gorillamask]

"These judges need to die. Wait, why are you arresting me?" [Ask Men]

Captain Kirk forgets what movie he's in. [College Humor]

15 Tattoos That Will Prevent You From Getting Laid. [Whip It Out]

Johnny Depp: dreamy AND generous. [ Yahoo! Movies]
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Ridiculous rap battles. [Uncoached]

Michael Jackson performs his first moonwalk. [Liquid Generation]

Every Transformers sketch from Robot Chicken. [Adult Swim]

Amazing foul ball catch with a pizza box. [I Am Bored]

Awkward family portraits. [Asylum]

210 WTF Were They Thinking Tattoos. [Coed Magazine]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: An in-depth analysis of the groin attack.


Kid freaks out when mom cancels WoW account: [College Humor]

Conservative rappers. It's as terrible as it sounds. [YouTube ]
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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at Bonnaroo. [Huffington Post]

Perez Hilton punched right in the face. [Yahoo News]
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Better than LeBron (seriously, this shit is nuts). [I Am Bored]

Remote controlled SR-71 Blackbird: Greatest Toy Ever. [Fark]

Kid doesn't know how to eat ice cream. [College Humor]

Be your own deadbeat parent: [Adult Swim]

The greatest magician in the world. [Liquid Generation]

Asylum turns the tables on Megan Fox. [Asylum]

A 41 Photo Tribute to the Hair Bra. [Coed Magazine]

Kristen Deluca knows the dangers of swimming near the jetty. [Gorillamask]

Top 10 Toughest Gay Characters: [Ask Men]

7 Repulsively Un-Cute Baby Animals. []

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Non-culinary uses of the coconut


Goatse sighting in company logo [Pic]. [I Am Bored]

The Watchmen finally confront Dr. Manhattan. [College Humor]

The dinosaurs from Jurassic Park saying "hey." [YouTube ]
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Colbert figures out how to turn the most badass moment of the Obama presidency into a murder allegation. [Huffington Post]

1943 guide to hiring women: "General experience indicates that "husky" girls are more even tempered." []
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Today's WTF commercial brought to you by Gaviscon. It's like a bunch of firemen came in your mouth. [Fark]

Kids' Chorus Sings Lady Gaga: "Just Dance" never seemed so endearing. [College Humor]

Fire employees straight to Hell. [Adult Swim]

10 Sexiest Animated Women [Liquid Generation]

The "Vinnie Jones Will Find You and Destroy You" Diet. [Asylum]

Tennis Star or Porn Star: The Audio Game [Coed Magazine]

Theresa Graziadei is good at washing cars. [Gorillamask]

A celebrity sex tape that's actually worth watching? [Ask Men]

Toy Movies: David Lynch's Koosh Ball promises to be an Oscar contender. []

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: The history, and physics of flipping for it.


How The US Government Tortures Hackers [Images] [College Humor]

50 Movies hidden in a single painting. [ ]
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Will Arnett Talks Bringing Down GM, Plays Air Guitar To "Law & Order" [Huffington Post]

Cop pulls an ambulance over. [KTUL News]
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Facebook Vanity URL Destroys Friendship (Pic). [I Am Bored]

10 Bizarre Statues of Naked Dudes [WhipitoutComedy]

Weird Al's new video and Doors tribute, "Craigslist" [Fark]

Farfield County Library Re-opening Ad: Featuring Bookzilla, Ohio's only 3-story, fire-breathing, car-crushing book. [College Humor]

Hank Hill vs. The Hippies [Adult Swim]

Another terrible advertisement courtesy of the South. [Liquid Generation]

Guess the Famous Dad -- Lesser-Known Celebrity Nepotists [Asylum]

The 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2010 (That Aren't Sequels or Remakes) [Coed Magazine]

The Most Simultaneously Loved/Hated Movies of the Decade [Unreality]

Either this is a nude beach or Marisa Matthews is really into semantics [Gorillamask]

Megan Fox is single! Your masturbation fantasies just got .00000001% more realistic! [Ask Men]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Moonshine by Country.


PaRappa the Rapper ain't nothin' to fuck wit. [College Humor]

The tasering tirade continues with someone's grandma. [Huffington Post ]
Thanks to Wickbam.

Conan's efforts to fit in with Hollywood continue. [Huffington Post]

Cobra Commander is a lonely, lonely man. [YouTube]
Thanks to easilyconfused in the Mirth Canal.

Samantha Harris poses seductively on a beach, and on what appears to be the set of the Jerry Springer show [Gorillamask]

That hot chick from that girl band does an interview. Sexiness ensues. [Ask Men]

Turns out Megan Fox isn't real. Sorry, guys. [College Humor]

Killer kittens. Cute, cuddly, killer kittens. [Adult Swim]

Wipe our ass using our hand? Fuck that. [Liquid Generation]

Children's toys that will ultimately result in Child Services being called. [I Am Bored]

High school girl diagnoses her own disease... during class. [Asylum]

In honor of Puerto Rican day: Attractive half-naked women of Puerto Rican descent [Coed Magazine]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Corngate. Those Kiwis are nuts about their corn.


A sitcom theme about sitcom themes. [College Humor]

A collection of video clips that reveal celebrities to be terrible people [The Mirth Canal ]
Thanks to David Wong.

Conan's Telenovela: Noches de Pasion [Huffington Post]

Crazy Gideon's (The Greatest Sales Pitch Ever) [YouTube]
Thanks to nchammer326 in the Mirth Canal.

Snuggies in Summer Movies [Screen Junkies]

Leah Dizon is good at laying on stuff [Gorillamask]

The Upside of Malaria [Ask Men]

Benny Hill's Bobby Cops File Their Police Reports [College Humor]

The Top 10 Uncensored Topless Moments on Adult Swim (NSFW, especially if you're a cartoon) [Adult Swim]

The 10 Craziest Celebrity Trainwrecks [Liquid Generation]

Passive-aggressive parents (PIC) [I Am Bored]

Deadliest Catch Survival Guide--Could You Cut It?[Asylum]

Facebook Circa 2004: WTF Screenshots [Coed Magazine]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Darien Gap: The reason you can't drive to South America.


Former All-Star Ben Joseph creates some awesome G.I. Joe recruitment posters [College Humor]

The master of fucking with authority figures via email follows up his seven legged spider drawing with ["The Ducks Are Not Mine"]
Thanks to JiminyJetson in the Mirth Canal.

Conan creates his own tabloid photo [Huffington Post]

Darth Vader in Love [Four Parts on You Tube]
Thanks to Citizen Snipped in the Mirth Canal.

Nintendo had the filthiest presentation at E3 [YouTube]

Christine Marie's top seems like it would be very difficult to keep on in the water [Gorillamask]

MILFs are no longer cool [Ask Men]

The Facebook Rap [College Humor]

Live action ATHF! [Adult Swim]

Guy makes wolverine claws; totally fucks up a box [Liquid Generation]

Professional Wrestling Has Really Gotten Gay [I Am Bored]

Guy rides a zebra to the bar [Asylum]

13 Most Awesomely Offensive Bruno Moments [Coed Magazine]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Evolution of the horse: From fox-sized forest dwelling creatures to Man-o-War


Lebron James: Math Genius [College Humor]

Conan's first Tonight Show had more funny moments than Leno's entire run [Huffington Post]

If your parents name you Bella Valentine you have no choice but to look great in your underwear [Gorillamask]

10 Irritating Cartoon Characters [Ask Men]

When you've got a stump for an arm, you might as well make it into something even more terrifying to children. [College Humor]

The 10 Best Family Guy side characters [Adult Swim]

Or if you're old fashioned (and high): 10 Funniest "Trips" from The Simpsons [Liquid Generation]

Creepiest Taxidermy Pose Ever [Pic]. [I Am Bored]

Dumb injuries you can blame on Twitter. [Asylum]

Super Strongman Is Super Strong [Coed Magazine]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Just-world phenomenon

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