Top Picks for June

Top Picks for June

Some of the best stuff from around the web and the Mirth Canal.


Thanks to Bingo Fent in the Mirth Canal.

A rap tribute to the King of Infomercials.

See how rednecks get it done:

Angelica Dynasty has quite possibly our favorite stripper name ever.

Top 5: Movies That Scare Guys.

WoW freakout in the key of Yakety Sax.

10 Most Awkward High School Yearbook Photos Of Heavy Metal Stars.

A day-trip to Planet Freud.
Thanks to Verminator in the Mirth Canal.

15 Hot Women with Over-Achieving Guys.

10 Thriller Videos You Haven't Seen.

10 Topless (Uncensored) Moments in Adult Swim (NSFW).

This was acceptable when you were five. Not so much now.

Two girls. One Cone.

A superficial analysis of Wimbledon.

COED'S Comprehensive Guide to SFW Boobs (NSFW).

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: In memory of Billy Mays: The Most Commonly Used Infomercial Pitches.


Demon's can be gay, too:
Thanks to ninja in the Mirth Canal.

Bruno strips for Conan.

Sarah Lyons owns lots of revealing bathing suits.

"These judges need to die. Wait, why are you arresting me?"

Captain Kirk forgets what movie he's in.

15 Tattoos That Will Prevent You From Getting Laid.

Johnny Depp: dreamy AND generous.
Thanks to Bender_Is_Great in the Mirth Canal.

Ridiculous rap battles.

Michael Jackson performs his first moonwalk.

Every Transformers sketch from Robot Chicken.

Amazing foul ball catch with a pizza box.

Awkward family portraits.

210 WTF Were They Thinking Tattoos.

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: An in-depth analysis of the groin attack.


Kid freaks out when mom cancels WoW account:

Conservative rappers. It's as terrible as it sounds.
Thanks to Jabberbody in the Mirth Canal.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at Bonnaroo.

Perez Hilton punched right in the face.
Thanks to Kendall in the Mirth Canal.

Better than LeBron (seriously, this shit is nuts).

Remote controlled SR-71 Blackbird: Greatest Toy Ever.

Kid doesn't know how to eat ice cream.

Be your own deadbeat parent:

The greatest magician in the world.

Asylum turns the tables on Megan Fox.

A 41 Photo Tribute to the Hair Bra.

Kristen Deluca knows the dangers of swimming near the jetty.

Top 10 Toughest Gay Characters:

7 Repulsively Un-Cute Baby Animals.

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Non-culinary uses of the coconut


Goatse sighting in company logo .

The Watchmen finally confront Dr. Manhattan.

The dinosaurs from Jurassic Park saying "hey."
Thanks to Sputnik in the Mirth Canal.

Colbert figures out how to turn the most badass moment of the Obama presidency into a murder allegation.

1943 guide to hiring women: "General experience indicates that "husky" girls are more even tempered."
Thanks to ominousoat in the Mirth Canal.

Today's WTF commercial brought to you by Gaviscon. It's like a bunch of firemen came in your mouth.

Kids' Chorus Sings Lady Gaga: "Just Dance" never seemed so endearing.

Fire employees straight to Hell.

10 Sexiest Animated Women

The "Vinnie Jones Will Find You and Destroy You" Diet.

Tennis Star or Porn Star: The Audio Game

Theresa Graziadei is good at washing cars.

A celebrity sex tape that's actually worth watching?

Toy Movies: David Lynch's Koosh Ball promises to be an Oscar contender.

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: The history, and physics of flipping for it.


How The US Government Tortures Hackers

50 Movies hidden in a single painting.
Thanks to Djavo in the Mirth Canal.

Will Arnett Talks Bringing Down GM, Plays Air Guitar To "Law & Order"

Cop pulls an ambulance over.
Thanks to easilyconfused in the Mirth Canal.

Facebook Vanity URL Destroys Friendship (Pic).

10 Bizarre Statues of Naked Dudes

Weird Al's new video and Doors tribute, "Craigslist"

Farfield County Library Re-opening Ad: Featuring Bookzilla, Ohio's only 3-story, fire-breathing, car-crushing book.

Hank Hill vs. The Hippies

Another terrible advertisement courtesy of the South.

Guess the Famous Dad -- Lesser-Known Celebrity Nepotists

The 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2010 (That Aren't Sequels or Remakes)

The Most Simultaneously Loved/Hated Movies of the Decade

Either this is a nude beach or Marisa Matthews is really into semantics

Megan Fox is single! Your masturbation fantasies just got .00000001% more realistic!

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Moonshine by Country.


PaRappa the Rapper ain't nothin' to fuck wit.

The tasering tirade continues with someone's grandma.
Thanks to Wickbam.

Conan's efforts to fit in with Hollywood continue.

Cobra Commander is a lonely, lonely man.
Thanks to easilyconfused in the Mirth Canal.

Samantha Harris poses seductively on a beach, and on what appears to be the set of the Jerry Springer show

That hot chick from that girl band does an interview. Sexiness ensues.

Turns out Megan Fox isn't real. Sorry, guys.

Killer kittens. Cute, cuddly, killer kittens.

Wipe our ass using our hand? Fuck that.

Children's toys that will ultimately result in Child Services being called.

High school girl diagnoses her own disease... during class.

In honor of Puerto Rican day: Attractive half-naked women of Puerto Rican descent

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Corngate. Those Kiwis are nuts about their corn.


A sitcom theme about sitcom themes.

A collection of video clips that reveal celebrities to be terrible people
Thanks to David Wong.

Conan's Telenovela: Noches de Pasion

Crazy Gideon's (The Greatest Sales Pitch Ever)
Thanks to nchammer326 in the Mirth Canal.

Snuggies in Summer Movies

Leah Dizon is good at laying on stuff

The Upside of Malaria

Benny Hill's Bobby Cops File Their Police Reports

The Top 10 Uncensored Topless Moments on Adult Swim (NSFW, especially if you're a cartoon)

The 10 Craziest Celebrity Trainwrecks

Passive-aggressive parents (PIC)

Deadliest Catch Survival Guide--Could You Cut It?

Facebook Circa 2004: WTF Screenshots

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Darien Gap: The reason you can't drive to South America.


Former All-Star Ben Joseph creates some awesome G.I. Joe recruitment posters

The master of fucking with authority figures via email follows up his seven legged spider drawing with
Thanks to JiminyJetson in the Mirth Canal.

Conan creates his own tabloid photo

Darth Vader in Love
Thanks to Citizen Snipped in the Mirth Canal.

Nintendo had the filthiest presentation at E3

Christine Marie's top seems like it would be very difficult to keep on in the water

MILFs are no longer cool

The Facebook Rap

Live action ATHF!

Guy makes wolverine claws; totally fucks up a box

Professional Wrestling Has Really Gotten Gay

Guy rides a zebra to the bar

13 Most Awesomely Offensive Bruno Moments

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Evolution of the horse: From fox-sized forest dwelling creatures to Man-o-War


Lebron James: Math Genius

Conan's first Tonight Show had more funny moments than Leno's entire run

If your parents name you Bella Valentine you have no choice but to look great in your underwear

10 Irritating Cartoon Characters

When you've got a stump for an arm, you might as well make it into something even more terrifying to children.

The 10 Best Family Guy side characters

Or if you're old fashioned (and high): 10 Funniest "Trips" from The Simpsons

Creepiest Taxidermy Pose Ever .

Dumb injuries you can blame on Twitter.

Super Strongman Is Super Strong

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Just-world phenomenon

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