5 Reasons Daredevil Has the Worst Villains Ever Invented

The popularity of certain superheroes, such as Batman and Spider-Man, is occasionally eclipsed by the staggering awesomeness of their gallery of foes. Daredevil is not one of those superheroes.

#5. The Masked Marauder

Marvel Comics
"Get it? Because he's blind! Ah, fuck it, just put Spider-Man's face on the cover; maybe somebody will buy it by accident."

As his name might suggest, the Masked Marauder wears a mask, and it's specially designed to shoot blinding rays of light to incapacitate his foes. Cunning readers may notice that this is a power that is completely useless against Daredevil, who is the only blind superhero in the entirety of the Marvel universe.

The Masked Marauder disappeared from comic pages for almost 30 years. His triumphant return was marked by the inexplicable revelation that his true identity was none other than Daredevil's building manager (seriously), and then getting blown up by the Punisher.

#4. Stilt-Man

Marvel Comics
To be fair, this would sell some newspapers.

Despite being bulletproof and possessing the ability to cover entire city blocks in but a handful of wobbly steps that would take mere mortals several minutes to traverse, Stilt-Man is one of the most poorly conceived characters of all time, if for no other reason than stilts provide no tactical advantage, and tall robots are an excruciating liability. Come on, Stilt-Man. Star Wars taught us that.

Stilt-Man's run came to an end when the Punisher blasted him in the crotch with a rocket launcher.

Marvel Comics
No part of that sentence was exaggerated.

#3. Jester

Marvel Comics
Then perhaps he chose the wrong gimmick.

Jester is a dime-store version of the Joker who seems to delight in the fact that Daredevil can't see the costume he picked out for himself. He compensates for his lack of powers by making grenades out of anything vaguely related to toys and/or comedy and throwing them into Daredevil's face. Jester also has a submarine, because for some reason he needs that to fight a blind man who goes back-flipping across the New York skyline in the middle of the night. He was eventually shot dead by the Punisher, who at some point apparently made it his mission to rid the streets of ridiculous idiots trying to waste Daredevil's time.

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