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The 25 Least Useful Self-Help Books Possible

The publishing industry may be struggling, but self-help books will never go away. Their brand of blandly general advice, and over simplification remains wildly popular. Imagine what would happen to How to Win Friends and Influence People in an online ecosystem that turned motivational posters into de-motivational posters, and an innocent magazine for children into a cesspool of utter filth.

We asked you to show us, and you did not disappoint. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...


by gmessina


by McBeefy


by McBeefy


by gmessina


by Matt Gallagher


by The_brokenlink


by scott_walker


by SkinJob


by Cee-Ell


by Cee-Ell


by Rinato


by Sanchez .


by tayser


by baffledchump


by SamLowery


by The Iron Claw


by willblocher


by The_brokenlink


by scott_walker


by Sanchez .


by gerbilthanatos


by ActionJackson


by walterscarff


by Matt Gallagher


by Sanchez .


by CountBaqula


by Rufus_Burrus


by Senor_Taco

And the winner is ...

Congrats, Dumb Dinosaur. You win money.

by Dumb Dinosaur

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