4 Most Horrifying Marriages Between Fans and Their Idols

Being a fan is a difficult thing. You'll find a musician or an actor or (more often than not) an Internet writer whose work you really respond to and suddenly feelings of creative or professional admiration turn into feelings of love and attraction. For some fans, the line between "I really appreciate the art you make" and "I guess I'm probably in love with you" gets blurry, and that can be dangerous if the object of your fandom isn't all he's cracked up to be. Or if he's Elvis.

#4. Elvis Was Cruel to Priscilla Presley

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You might say that Elvis was "the Elvis Presley of rock and roll." Everybody wanted a piece of the King. We already know that Elvis Presley was kind of a huge creep, but we have the gift of hindsight. When Priscilla Beaulieu met him, she was 14 (with daddy issues) and he was 24 (with serious mommy issues). He liked 'em young, and she liked, well, what every straight teenage girl on the planet liked. She was instantly in love, and so was he -- or, at least, he was happy to have a nice girl to play the Madonna to his many whores.

He took her on trips to Los Angeles and Las Vegas and eventually offered to let her live with him at Graceland. Except he wasn't there most of the time, he was making movies and banging his co-stars. He was also violent and controlling: When she wanted to be a model, he said she couldn't. When she wanted to be a dancer, he said she couldn't.

He also had a bit of a temper.

Priscilla didn't have much of a life outside him, but it wasn't like she was going to leave him. She was a teenager, and he was fucking Elvis. And she was fucking Elvis! And so were, sure, a lot of other people, but she was too! And he gave her things! Like amphetamines! And sleeping pills! And a makeover, so she could look exactly how he wanted her to look!

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Which was like this.

Their wedding was more of a press conference than an event for friends and family, and most sources say his managers forced him into it. Once she had a kid, Elvis was so afraid of becoming a literal motherfucker that he stopped sleeping with her. She did all kinds of things to try to win him back, had affairs, and eventually filed for divorce.

Despite all the crap he put her through, Priscilla Presley remained somewhat close to Elvis and seems to feel sorry for him more than anything else. She now blames his bad behavior on the shit-ton of prescription drugs he did and claims he could have been saved if he had found solace in Scientology, like she did.

Do E-meters cure terminal sandwichitis?

#3. Romola de Pulszky Shared Her Sexy, Schizophrenic Husband With His Male Boss


Vaslav Nijinsky was an early 20th century ballet dancer, often considered the best of the century, and a sex symbol for men and women alike. He did all kinds of sexy dances, one involving him playing a faun humping a nymph's veil.

Baron Adolph Edward Sigismond de Meyer
Sex was ... different back then.

While he had all kinds of crazy fans -- some of whom would break into his dressing room and steal his underwear -- one was particularly devoted. Romola de Pulszky was a wealthy Hungarian socialite who wanted Nijinsky so badly that she learned to dance, bullshitted her way into the Russian ballet, and followed him on a boat trip to Argentina.

Nijinsky found her annoying and creepy at first, but, maybe because he wanted to distance himself from a former lover, or maybe because of a lapse in sanity, he asked her to marry him. He didn't speak Hungarian, and she didn't speak Russian, so he ended up proposing to her half in French and half in mime.

So, yes, there were warning signs. But de Pulszky idolized him. She had married Batman, as far as she was concerned.

But that "former lover" happened to be both a man and Nijinsky's boss. From an early age, his mother had encouraged him to pursue sugar daddy relationships with several older, influential, wealthy men. Sergei Diaghilev, the head of the Ballets Russes, was no exception.

Bert, A., Sergei Blokh
Who does Sex Incarnate have sex with? The Monopoly Man Incarnate.

When Diaghilev heard that his star and lover had gotten hitched, he was more than a little pissed and found a reason to fire him. This meant less money for de Pulszky, Nijinsky, and their daughter, Kyra. De Pulszky had been warned before the marriage that Nijinsky had mostly been involved with men, but had presumably figured they'd work through these insurmountable issues with the strength of their mime- and grunt-based communication style. They didn't, and de Pulszky was forced to allow Nijinsky to reconcile with (i.e., screw) Diaghilev in order for them to get through World War I.

Then there were the psychotic breaks. Schizophrenia ran in Nijinsky's family, and he began to show symptoms early on in their marriage. He got sicker as the war went on and eventually had to be committed. De Pulszky was left with her trophy husband in an asylum, a daughter who would resent her, and a compulsive need to make herself look good in her husband's writings.

"Just erasing all these pesky 'I made a huge mistake' and 'She never loved me' passages from your diary, dear."

She also went on to have affairs with women. It probably would have saved them both some grief if they'd learned how to say "bisexual" in Hungarian and Russian.

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