3 Ways To Guarantee You'll Be The Boss Of The Party

#1. Make Some Magic Between Games

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One of the primary purposes of getting together with friends for game night is to psych out your opponents and win. At any and all costs. That's why it's a great idea to know a few magic tricks with which you might thrill and intimidate these people between hands.

Disappearing Coins

Card tricks are often easier than coin tricks, but your fellow players might object to you laying magic hands on the deck in play. Just stick with the change you already have in your pocket.

Here's a simple one, but it involves a little prep work using a black tablecloth and a cut-out circle from the same material. It's probably best to pull off in your own home. Your hosts aren't usually keen on you cutting up their dining linens.

However, if you can get your hands on a 1943 American penny, this will be your go-to trick for years to come:

As far as we're concerned, 1943 is the amateur magician's hook-up penny.

Advanced: Mind Reading

Mind-reading magic stunts usually require that you have some of your wits about you, and they may involve some math, so these tricks aren't for the unfocused entertainer. Or the non-designated driver. This one's a classic and is pretty easy so long as you can remember what you just said 30 seconds ago.

A 1943 penny still seems like the best bet, though.

Want to be the boss of EVERY occasion? Bring along a bottle of Burnett's Flavored Vodka.

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