5 Heartwarming Stories to Restore Your Faith in Celebrities

#2. T.I. Saves a Man from Suicide

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Like many famous rappers, T.I. has been in and out of prison for weapons and drug charges, and the mythology surrounding the lives of men like him is a blur of weed and sex. It's not very often that you hear about the humanitarian side of the rap industry. But T.I. broke the illusion in 2010 when he went out of his way to help a man who was planning to commit suicide by leaping from a ledge.

The police, already inside the building, were trying to figure out a way to keep the would-be victim from headlining the 6 o'clock news when T.I. walked over to them and told them he knew how to bring the man down from the ledge in a way that didn't involve a mess on the pavement. He recorded a video message to coax the man down with assurances that nothing can be as bad as all that.

We assume the message did not include lyrics to "Big Shit Poppin' (Do It)."

Of course, there was no way of knowing whether the man liked his music, or even if he knew who T.I. was, considering he's not exactly on Kanye West's level of rap stardom. But maybe the guy just needed to hear a friendly voice (or assumed T.I. was the world's coolest-looking shrink), because the plan worked and the man stepped down.

Reportedly, T.I. and the potential jumper met in the lobby of the building, and while nobody is sure what was said over the course of the conversation, it seems like the T.I. magic worked on him and the man was cured of his malaise. The police officially thanked the rapper for his good deed, which distracted them from the fact that he was facing his probation being revoked at the time for marijuana possession.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
"Maybe if it were legal there'd be less people on rooftops. Just sayin'."

#1. Johnny Depp Is Just an All-Round Nice Dude

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If we were Johnny Depp, it's easy to imagine that we'd just lie back in a drunken haze while the universe throws all of the sex at us. For those of us frustrated by the idea that our wives (and husbands, why not) are thinking of Captain Jack Sparrow while we're in bed at night, it's probably comforting to imagine that his self-important dickitude is great enough to counter the extent to which everyone wants to do him.

But tell that to the extended cast of Pirates of the Caribbean 4, for whom Depp reportedly shelled out 40,000 pounds of his own money to buy 500 coats because they complained that it was cold. (NOTE: We're talking about the British currency, not 40,000 pounds of money by weight, which would admittedly be more impressive.)

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
"I'll admit that totally sounds like the batshit type of way that I'd count my money."

Of course, this was just kind of Johnny Depp's thing. During the filming of Public Enemies, a small child asked if he could have the sweet fedora that Depp wore for his role as gangster John Dillinger. Rather than giving the kid an important lesson in how you can't always get what you want, Depp sent the hat to the kid along with a bunch of stuff from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for his siblings, which was probably a better idea than giving them other props from a violent gangster biopic.

Shaan Kokin/Julien's Auctions
"I learned my lesson after I gave that kid my gloves from Edward Scissorhands."

In fact, Johnny Depp's heroic antics have given him the reputation of some kind of low-tech Batman, from the time he threw himself in front of a crew of extras to shove them out of the way of an out-of-control stunt car on the set of Public Enemies, to when he stopped a horse from being put down on the set of Sleepy Hollow by adopting it and saving its life. There's even a story about him coming out of a recording session with a friend when, being confronted by a mugger swinging a broken bottle at him, Depp simply told him to "back off" and the guy did, reportedly saying, "I ain't stealing from Captain Jack."

But the most heart-warming story is probably when, after a young girl sent him a fan letter, Depp turned up at her London school in full pirate gear. If it were any other 47-year-old man dressed like a rag factory exploded and speaking with a drunken slur, there would have been police involved.

"Honestly, it felt good to finally be myself instead of having to play that 'Johnny Depp' guy."

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