6 Insane Houses You Won't Believe People Actually Live In

Let's face it, houses are boring and predictable. Ask a child what a house looks like, and they'll draw you the same square shape with a triangle on top that everyone thinks about when they hear the word "house." But there are some homes out there that break the mold and totally redefine what you're willing to believe people intentionally use to hang their proverbial hats. For example ...

#6. The Repurposed Airliner

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For anyone who has ever had to endure a long-haul flight, one day spent on an aircraft is about 23 hours too many. But then there are some people who exist in a mirror universe and just can't get enough of being trapped in cramped quarters with nowhere else to go. That's why a man in Oregon decided to convert a Boeing 727 into a home.

Via Airplanehome.com
The thing is, you could never, ever turn on your cellphone for some arbitrary reason.

Bruce Campbell (no, not that one) had a lot of unused land and apparently wanted to feel like he was sitting in the aftermath of a wilderness crash landing all the time. So, he purchased an old passenger airliner for the bargain price of $100,000 and went to work turning it into a house.

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If this plane's a-rockin' ... let me know because it means I have to adjust the landing gear.

While a hundred grand may not seem too steep for a whole plane, Campbell's expenses quickly piled up as he had to spend an additional $60,000 or so to move it from the airport to a staging site and then to his property. Add another $21,600 necessary for removing the wings and tail, and his initial expenditure had almost doubled.

Via Chris Matyszczyk/CNET
And then there's that sweet living room decor.

Still, it's a bargain if your goal is to spend the rest of your life inside an aluminium metal tube. And think of all the fun you can have, sitting in the cockpit and making engine noises, or pretending you and your friends crash landed on an island and now you have to decide who to eat.

Via Chris Matyszczyk/CNET
Note: No roommates. At least not now.

#5. The Transparent House

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So you've just taken a refreshing shower and you hop out to grab your favorite towel. As soon as you step out, however, you're startled to discover that a group of a dozen Japanese businessmen are staring at your junk. Such is the tribulation of living in the NA house, aka Japan's transparent house.

Via Design-milk.com
Not pictured: stones.

Designed by Sou Fujimoto architects, instead of being separated into different rooms like the lame-ass houses we all live in, the whole thing is one open environment; with different living spaces situated on different platforms. And all of the walls are glass.

Via Design-milk.com
And then, the hail storm came ...

But hey, at least it lets in a ton of natural sunlight, so your shame will be clearly visible to anyone passing by.

While the house looks great and will probably earn you a bunch of pretentious, artsy friends, it is nigh impossible to comfortably masturbate in, and that brings the actual value way down. The family that lives there is of a similar mind, and they've actually put up some curtains so the hobos would stop staring at them while they slept.

Via Design-milk.com
So maybe it wasn't their own masturbation concerns, but the strokes of homeless people gazing in.

#4. The Abandoned Star Wars Set

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We've mentioned before that the set remnants of Tatooine from The Phantom Menace are still totally just hanging around in the Tunisian desert, after the dejected filmmakers just washed their hands of the place. But the locals haven't let it go to waste -- there are totally a bunch of people now living in Anakin's former village.

Via Looklex.com

Via Rocketnews24.com
These are not the squatters you're looking for.

Keep in mind, several of the 15 or 20 structures are just facades that were built on the cheap, mostly out of cardboard and mud ...

Via Looklex.com

... but apparently it's really hot in the middle of the Sahara. So even a shelter that turns out to be kinda lame and disappointing can still be prime real estate for some quality squatting. While these places might look barely habitable at first, a look inside proves that certain folks are doing fine, just fine. Some even are in for a longer haul, setting up furniture and bringing their pet birds.

Via Looklex.com
Great. Now we have that Cantina band song stuck in our heads.

Tourists still descend on the abandoned film set, where they're often disheartened to find that the village is populated not by whimsical alien approximations of racial stereotypes, but by regular folk down on their luck who are making the best of their brief brush with Hollywood. At least Episode One did some good in the world.

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