The 15 Most Unnecessary College Bowl Games

#10. Bowl

South Florida 24 East Carolina 7
Birmingham, AL
Legion Field
December 23, 2006, ESPN2

Isn’t it nice to see that the spirit of competition and the authenticity of genuine sportsmanship will never be compromised in any way just to make a quick buck. Now, who’s hungry? We could really go for some Papa John’s.

#9. Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl

Utah 25 Tulsa 13
Fort Worth, TX
Amon G. Carter Stadium
December 23, 2006, ESPN

In the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, the only bowl to sound like it’s sponsored by a cheap plastic toy you would buy from a dollar store, the Utes handled the Golden Hurricane easily. Jim Donnan of attributed Utah's success to--this is for real--"good punting." Tell us that doesn't sound like a damn exciting game.

#8. Emerald Bowl

Florida State vs. UCLA   
San Francisco, CA
AT&T Park
December 27, 2006, ESPN

Even the marquee name of Florida State cannot save the bowl which most sounds like a toilet from Wizard of Oz. At 6-6, Bobby Bowden’s Florida State Seminoles had an uncharacteristic year. Aside from the low win total, only a few of Bowden’s players were incarcerated, apprehended for misconduct or expelled from school. What has happened to college football? 

#7. PetroSun Independence

Oklahoma State vs. Alabama
Shreveport, LA
Independence Stadium
December 27, 2006, ESPN

The Independence Bowl is one of the most blatant examples of the college football system rewarding meritocracy. Both teams are 6-6! If we wanted to watch mediocre athletes play other mediocre athletes we could just watch the NHL.

#6. Insight Bowl

Minnesota vs. Texas Tech
Phoenix, AZ
Sun Devil Stadium
December 29, 2006, ESPN

I have an extremely important piece of Insight for you all: this game is pointless. The Insight Bowl promises to pack all the pulse-pounding non-stop thrills of a memorial service into one four and a half hour game. However, a memorial service may be more interesting than this game because there’s usually free food. 

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