The 20 Worst Cover Songs in Pop Music History

#12. "Walk this Way" - Macy Gray


The fact that this loose stool made the cut for Gray's "Greatest Hits" album proves that nobody in Macy Gray's career is really paying that close attention to it, Gray included. (Also, we have our researchers looking into why the word "hit" is plural in that title). This version of the Aerosmith classic sounds just as you would imagine it to sound: "He told me to walk this way / Talk this way!" Wait, someone told you to talk like an alcoholic who's just sucked back a zeppelin full of helium? Who? And why would you listen?

#11. "Another Brick in the Wall" - Korn


In case you ever wanted to know what Pink Floyd's masterpiece would have sounded like if, instead of using heroin and songwriting to cope with their depression, they'd just used heroin and crystal meth: well, here you go.

#10. "I'm A Believer" - Smash Mouth

The trivia geeks will know that this was originally written by Neil Diamond. But here's the thing-how bad a cover version do you have to create to look bad compared to The goddamn Monkees? That's like losing a paralyzation contest to Stephen Hawking. Smash Mouth manages to pull that off here. FU Mang indeed.

#9. "Satisfaction" - Britney Spears

Imagine the American Idol judges reviewing this. Simon: "Absolutely awful. Dreadful. I hope you're run over by a flaming 18-wheeler filled with POW diarrhea." Randy: "Wasn't good, dog." Paula: "What they said." Of course, instead of throwing a hysterical sobfest in the green room like any other respectable contestant, Britney would flash her vagina while screaming, "Y'all don't know me!"

#8. "Sweet Child O Mine" - Sheryl Crowe


Her folksy-country-rock-pop take on this G'N'R classic makes about the same level of sense as recording "Layla" without all those noisy guitars. Or "In the Air Tonight" without those troublesome drums. Or porn without that pesky physical contact of any sort whatsoever. If you got Sheryl Crowe and Axl Rose on one of those SAT analogy things, the paper would probably catch on fire and self-destruct.

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